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Scary Stories VI: Lips Touch Three Times Book Review

Scary Stories VI: Lips Touch Three Times Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Sep 21, 2009
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

This collection of three supernatural stories is a wicked delight perfect for Halloween: three teen girls who appear “normal” but actually keep some pretty terrifying secrets.

Title: Lips Touch Three Times
Author: Laini Taylor
Ages: 10 and up

This collection of three supernatural stories is a wicked delight! The best part is, author Laini Taylor doesn’t let you down after the first tale – the two follow-ups are just as engaging and fun to read! Plus, they’re perfect for Halloween: three teen girls who appear “normal” but actually keep some pretty terrifying secrets!

Story No. 1: Goblin Fruit

Kizzy’s a girl who longs to be popular and noticed by the boys. When she finally meets a gorgeous guy who’s crazy about her and wants to offer her everything in the world she remembers her grandmother warning her about just such a man coming into her life. Will Kizzy keep her grandma’s advice in mind or go against her better judgment and fall in love with a stranger … ?

Story No. 2: Spicy Little Curses Such As These

Before Estella was born a deal was made with the devil: as long as she promised never to make a sound the lives of hundreds of other children would be saved. Whoever does hear Estella’s voice will be instantly killed. But what will happen when Estella can no longer bear not to follow her passion for singing?

Story No. 3: Hatchling

Esme didn’t always have two different colored eyes – it happened on the morning of her 17th birthday, when she was woken to the sound of howling wolves. She’s also surprised to have gained memories she’s never had before. When her mother finally reveals the secret she’s been hiding from her daughter from the day she was born, the two find themselves on the run from a terrifying past and a future full of horrors.

Video: Book Trailer

Lips Touch Three Times Rating: 5

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