Books For Boys: Five Reviews

Books For Boys
Books For Boys
Books For Boys: Five Reviews - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Sep 21, 2009
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

We’re reviewing five great books for guys – from action to mystery to history to adventure – these reads will keep you entertained as well as any TV show, movie or video game! (Not to say girls can’t read and love these books, too!)

We’re reviewing five great books for guys – from action to mystery to history to adventure – these reads will keep you entertained as well as any TV show, movie or video game! (Not to say girls can’t read and love these books, too!)

My Story: Viking Blood

Author: Andrew Donkin
Ages: 9 and up

My Story: Viking Blood

It’s 1008 AD and, after being injured in a raid that goes horribly wrong, Tor Scaldbane is devastated because he’s lost his chance to be a legendary warrior. But then he remembers the sagas of his ancestors – glorious, bloody battles, ancient heroes, powerful gods – and realizes that all might not be lost after all...

My Story: Viking Blood Rating: 4

Andrew North Blows Up The World

Author: Adam Selzer
Ages: 9 and up

Andrew North Blows Up The World

Andrew “Danger” North is no ordinary third-grader. He, his brother Jack and his father are spies. At least, that’s what Jack’s always told Andrew, and everything Andrew’s learned from his dad's favorite spy movies tells him it must be true. So when Andrew finds Jack's graphing calculator he's 100% sure it's a communication device that will put him in touch with the secret spy headquarters. When he tries to make contact with headquarters through the calculator he accidently punches in a code that might blow up the world. As if that’s not bad enough, his math teacher confiscates the top-secret communication device. Now Andrew’s on a mission to find his brother's communicator and save the world from mass destruction.

Andrew North Blows Up The World Rating: 5

Roland Wright Future Knight

Author: Tony Davis
Ages: 6 and up

Roland Wright Future Knight

Even if you don’t really like history or books about history, chances are you’ll love this book. Roland Wright is a young boy with a dream: to become a knight. But as a blacksmith’s son he knows it’s highly unlikely his dream will ever come true. But when he gets the chance of a lifetime – to be a page – he finds out there’s a catch: he has to compete against his older, bigger, stronger brother for the job.

Roland Wright Future Knight Rating: 4

Looking For Marco Polo

Author: Alan Armstrong
Ages: 8 and up

Roland Wright Future Knight

Eleven-year-old Mark Hearn's dad – an anthropologist – has gone missing in the Gobi desert while tracing Marco Polo's ancient route from Venice to China. That's when an old friend of his father’s – Doc Hornaday shows up with a massive black dog named Boss. To distract Mark from worrying Doc tell shim the story of Marco Polo and Mark finds himself totally sucked in to the amazing adventure.

Looking For Marco Polo: 5

Calvin Coconut: The Zippy Fix

Author: Graham Salisbury
Series: Calvin Coconut
Ages: 10 and up

Calvin Coconut: The Zippy Fix

Everywhere he goes Calvin Coconut seems to attract trouble. What most people don’t know is much of that trouble is actually caused by Calvin himself. When 16-year-old Stella arrives in Hawaii she seems to have no problem fitting right in – except where Calvin’s concerned. Between telling Stella she looks like a watermelon and trying to come up with a cure for her allergy to cats, will the two ever be able to be friends?

Calvin Coconut: The Zippy Fix Rating: 4


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