How-To Halloween Costumes

Haloween Costumes
Make Your Own Halloween Costume

Still stuck for a Halloween costume? You better get cracking! Halloween is just a day away! Kidzworld can help with some spooky styles that you can make yourself.

Black Bat

To make a beautiful black bat costume, you’ll need:

  • An old, black umbrella
  • A one-piece black bodysuit and black leggings or tights

And here’s how you make it:

    • Rip the umbrella in half.
    • Get rid of the center and innards of the umbrella.
    • If you want to be kinda fancy, sew the edges of the umbrella to your black bodysuit. If you can’t sew (or can’t be bothered), just pin it to the bodysuit. These will be your wings.
    • Flap your wings and fly like a bat into the night!

    Soaring Squirrel

    To make your soaring, flying squirrel outfit, you’ll need:

    • Aviator cap and goggles (check the nearest thrift store)
    • One white index card
    • An all-gray outfit
    • Grey makeup for your face
    • An old fur stole (check the nearest thrift store for this item, too)

    And here’s how you make it:

      • Put on the hat, goggles and your grey clothing.
      • Take the white index card, cut a small rectangle from it, draw a line down the center and stick it to your two front teeth to make it look like you have bib, buck teeth.
      • Spread the grey makeup all over your face.
      • Attach the fur stole to the back of your pants so it hangs there like a furry tail.

      Gorgeous Ghoul

      This one is totally easy and very effective. You’ll need:

      • An all-black outfit
      • A jet-black wig or washable black-colored hairspray
      • Dried leaves and twigs
      • White makeup for your face
      • Blood-red lipstick

      And here’s how you make it:

        • Dress up in your all-black clothing.
        • Put the black wig over your real hair or have an adult help you spray your hair black.
        • Paint your face a ghostly-white color and do your lips in bloody red lipstick.

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        JennyD wrote:

        a gorgeous ghoul! huh
        commented: Thu Oct 10, 2013

        I kinda already know what i'm dressing up as and that is Frankie Stein from Monster High!!! That's where I got my username!! Frankiestein20912!!
        commented: Wed Oct 17, 2012

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