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Dragonology: Nintendo DS :: Game Review

Dragonology: Nintendo DS :: Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Nov 20, 2009
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Dragonology, the video game, brings the Dragonology book’s magical world of dragons to life in an absorbing and exciting interactive adventure that everyone (even younger players) will love.

Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Release Date: November 10, 2009
Publisher: Codemasters
ESRB Rating: E For Everyone

Dragonology, the video game, brings the Dragonology book’s magical world of dragons to life in an absorbing and exciting interactive adventure that everyone (even younger players) will love. The game has you setting off on a journey to become a Master of Dragonology, which you’ll only be able to do by learning ancient dragon tracking techniques and traveling to exotic locations to study, protect and preserve these dangerous and secretive creatures. You’ll even be able to train, fly and play with your very own dragon before releasing it back into the wild!

Dragon Tale

To find the dragons in their natural habitat, you’ll have to learn to mix potions and create contraptions as you travel from freezing cold Antarctica to the plains of Africa. Along the way you’ll build up your very own Dragonological Encyclopaedia using the information you collect on your adventures; you’ll also study things like dragon claws, scales and teeth.

Dragonology features 16 exciting mini-games that let you play with and fly your own rescued European Dragon while discovering five other rare species of dragon, including the Frost, Asian Lung and Mexican Ampithere.

Video: Game Trailer

Dragonology Rating:4

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