Pokemon Holiday Gift Guide 2009

Everybody loves Pokemon! In fact, the Pokemon franchise started as role-playing games in Japan and didn’t launch in the U.S. until 1998. Since then, multiple generations of Pokemon have been produced and, in May 2009, Nintendo announced the release of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver in September of that same year in Japan. This year, we’ve got the ultimate gift guide for the Pokemon fan in your family – or put these items on your own wish list!

Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG): Rumble!

Ready, set, battle! This holiday season, Pokemon brings the action from the TV to the tabletop in the all-new Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG): Rumble! The perfect complement to WiiWare Pokemon Rumble, Pokemon TCG: Rumble combines board game and TCG gameplay elements to, and serves as a great introduction to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The Pokemon TCG: Rumble game allows up to seven players to open the box and compete in a true Battle Royale with the goal of being the last Pokemon standing. The fast-paced card game is played on a playmat where the simple roll of the dice can decide your fate. Whether playing Rumble on the Wii or playing the new Pokemon TCG: Rumble, you will find the games easy to play and action-packed!

Pokemon 2009 Holiday Collector’s Tins

Make every battle special with the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG): SP Collector’s Tins, just $14.99 each. Amazing Pokemon SP like the fiery Flame Pokemon Charizard battle with even greater power in the specially designed Pokemon TCG: SP Collector's Tins. Each tin contains four Pokemon TCG booster packs and one of three powerful Charizard (G), Garchomp (C) or Rayquaza (C) LV.X foil cardsPokemon that specialize in winning! Catch, train and play!

Pokemon TCG: Arceus Collector’s Tin

The mighty Pokemon TCG: Arceus Collector’s Tin comes out on December 16, 2009 and contains a spectacular foil Arceus LV.X card plus four booster packs to shape your TCG world! Get in on the start of amazing battles with this brand-new collector’s tin, just $14.99.

Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG): Platinum-Arceus Theme Decks & Boosters

Stepping out of ancient times comes a Pokemon so mighty that legends say it shaped the Pokemon universe itself! The Pokemon TCG: Platinum-Arceus expansion introduces the Alpha Pokemon Arceus and its multiple Energy types. Harness and wield this awesome power or rise to its incredible challenge! Capture previously unseen Pokemon LV.X to help you in this titanic struggle, and turn the tide of battle with all-new Trainer and Stadium cards. With new gameplay, new Trainer cards, and an exceptional subset of the new Alpha Pokemon Arceus, the 100+ cards in the Pokemon TCG: Platinum-Arceus expansion will give you everything you need to control the powers of one of the most powerful Pokemon ever this holiday season!

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