May 2010 Horoscopes

Wanna know what's in store for you in May 2010? Look up your zodiac sign in our horoscopes below and find out what the future holds!

You’re tired of the same old routine this month and you’re in the mood for just about anything that’ll take you out of your rut! Get out and learn something new, meet some new people and explore some new places. Do things you don’t normally do. It’ll help a lot if you actually sit down and write out your goals on May 4, 5 or 6. Good news will then come your way on May 9, 10 or 11. May 16 is an emotional day; just try and learn something from the experience. On May 21 you’ll have to do some chores that you don’t want to do – just do them and then you can go back to having fun. By the end of the month you’ll have all your priorities straight – your reputation is pretty important right now.
Love Stuff: You’re ready for a big change this month. If you’re single, you’re primed to meet someone. If you’re taken, you’re really, really ready to commit. Listen to your emotions and find out if there’s anything you can learn from them.

Money is a bit of an issue for you this month. Don’t panic, just stop spending so much! Remember: You don't have to spend a lot to have a great time. If you’re dying for some new clothes, ask your mom to take you to some vintage or used clothing stores, or hit up a bunch of garage sales. You can even organize a clothing swap with your friends – that’s totally free! On May 7 and 8 you’ll have some pretty intense feelings; find someone you trust and talk it out with them. Your good mood returns by May 12 or 13, so take the time to enjoy it. And even if you feel a little lazy on May 24, don’t turn into a couch potato. Get up, get out and get your energy back up!
Love Stuff: Think budget romance this month. There are all kinds of things you can do with your crush that don’t cost much money.

Kick off the spring season with some volunteer work. So go ahead and see if there are some old folks whose closets you can clean out, or find a soup kitchen that could use an extra set of helping hands. Give, and you'll be sure to receive lots of warm and fuzzy feelings in return. A misunderstanding on May 10 will blow over fast, and the roadblocks you come up against on May 15 and 16 will actually be blessings in disguise. Plan a whole day with your BFF on May 30.
Love Stuff: Sharing is caring. Don’t be selfish if you want your relationship (or your crush) to work out.

You’ve been super social lately, but your schoolwork may have suffered as a result of all that partying. With school wrapping up for the summer, spend a little more time doing your homework and studying for your tests. You should also spend a bit more quality time with your family this month, especially around May 23. And don’t forget to catch up on some much-needed sleep at the very end of the month!
Love Stuff: A new crush or romance is definitely exciting, but don’t let yourself get so caught up that you forget to help your mom with the dishes or take your dog for a walk.

Romance is on the menu this month, and you feel like taking a huge helping of it for yourself! If you’re waiting to get your first kiss, it’s going to happen soon! But no matter how wrapped up you get in your boyfriend, girlfriend or latest crush, don’t forget to spend a little time with your friends. After all, love comes and goes but your friends, if you treat them right, will always be there.
Love Stuff: You love to be in love and this month looks to be pretty lucky for you when it comes to all that mushy, gushy stuff!

You’re ready to start – even if you don’t know how to finish. Best to hold off and think things through – especially new ideas, thoughts and feelings – before you act on them. Remember, the more info you have from the get-go the better! Be careful about telling someone you care about how you feel on May 15. You want to be honest, but you don’t want to hurt their feelings. You’ll find yourself really curious about someone or something on May 26 – remember to find out more before you do something about it!
Love Stuff: If you’re sick of waiting and bored of being bored, remember that patience is virtue. In other words, good things come to those who wait!

Explore, explore, explore. Even when things seem bad, try and see what you can learn from the situation rather than just giving up or getting mad. If you’re feeling sad on May 6, rent a cheesy movie or spend some quality time with someone who has a knack for making you feel better, like your mom or BFF. Get a friend to go shopping or jogging with you on May 15. A nagging voice inside your head will try and tell you something on May 20 – write it down for future reference, then tell that nagger to go away!
Love Stuff: Get creative when it comes to finding or keeping love this month. Do something you wouldn’t normally do and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Buying that shiny new gadget could mean some serious money issues. Hold off and go swimming or biking (or anything outdoors-y) instead. Take some time on May 5 to sort out an emotional issue that’s been weighing you down. You’ll need to do it in order to move on for real. If you’re still stressed out, try a good workout or go extra hard in gym class. Time to start thinking about a summer job on May 30 and 31.
Love Stuff: Don’t be too spontaneous when it comes to love this month. Your new crush could get scared away if you come on too strong right now. Think things through, or wait for a sign that he or she likes you, too! But by the end of the month, if you’re ready for something new, then go for it!

Get ready to rock – this is your month! You’ll be surrounded by good friends and good times (not to mention good luck) all month long. A total stranger will have the greatest idea you’ve ever heard on or around May 5, so be sure to keep an open mind to anything you hear that day. By the end of May you’ll be in a great position to help others out, whether it’s your fam or friends. Lend a hand – it’ll keep you in the that good mood you’ve been blessed with all month!
Love Stuff: If you want love, you’re likely to get it this May. Good-looking strangers are all over the place, and you’ve got a better idea of what you really want in a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you’re already taken, things are looking rosy in relationship land. Take advantage of the nice weather and go for a walk with your honey on May 30 or 31!

You’ll start figuring out what the fastest way to achieving your top goals are this month, especially early in May. Stop thinking so much about the future and try living in the moment – that could be the key you’ve been looking for. No matter how annoying or boring your current situation is, just get it done. If you’ve been avoiding doing your homework, set aside some time to finish that up. You’ll find yourself where you wanted to be in terms of goals that much more quickly!
Love Stuff: Let love come to you. Whether you’re single or partnered up, playing hard to get could get some great results. Stay busy, focus on yourself and watch what unfolds in the love department!

This month starts off pretty emotionally – do your best to deal with your feelings, and try and get some extra sleep if you can. You’ll feel much calmer by May 7 or 8. Once the weather starts to warm up, get outside as often as possible and try not to burn yourself out studying for final exams. On May 18 you may find yourself getting an offer you can’t refuse (do don’t!). By May 27 and 28 your good luck will start making you feel like helping someone out who’s down on their luck – pick a charity and volunteer some time! Love Stuff: Been checking out the same guy or girl on the bus to school for a while now? Take a chance and ask for their number (or give them yours)! You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity that could be amazing!

Luck is on your side this month, and you’re about to get a whole lot of it all at once! It’s gonna be great. Think hard about what you really want and when the time comes you’ll be totally ready to get it. Excellent news will be coming your way on May 7 and 8 – be thankful! And you get a couple of very steamy love letters on May 12 and 13 – *blush*!
Love Stuff: Smile – you’re about to get lucky in love! Even if you’re kinda scared to put your feelings on the line, you’ll see: this time will be different. Keep taking good care of yourself and just watch – someone special is going to want to take good care of you, too! Go on a picnic on May 30 or 31 – the two of you will love the great outdoors!

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

astucieuse331 posted in Friends:
I've always felt the same way. My one best friend gossiped behind my back, used me, all that girl stuff. She took me for advantage and we had a bunch of fights because of her finding a new friend and completely acting as if I didn't exist, and I told her to give me at least some attention every once in a while if she can't even continue to talk to me daily. And.. I lost her. Well, she lost me. We both lost each other. But then I realized.. it's the people that you least expect to be nice to you you'll find kindness in. Why? Based on personal experience, and I'll tell you the story: For my gym class, me and my peers were supposed to make a group for a dance. This was when my best friend had found a new friend already, and the time at which we had a few fights because of that. Of course, I relied on my best friend to count me in her dance group. At lunchtime, I sat together with my best friend, and we ate our lunches in silence. All of a sudden, I brought up the dance groups and asked her straightforwardly: "Can I join your group?" No reply. "Kelly, can I join your group?" No reply. "I mean, since our class is uneven, I found it fair that there'd be a group of five, you know?" None at all. Kelly ignored me straight off the bat, leaving me speechless. My mind raced with thoughts, and I thought, maybe it's not worth having Kelly as a friend. A few days later, we were playing Dodgeball for gym. I was on Kelly's team, and overheard her talking with her new friends about who to pick for the dance group. One of her friends mentioned me, and Kelly said: "Oh no, we shouldn't pick her because _____ (I don't know what she said then)." I was shocked, but was anticipating it, so when the time came to choose groups, I saw my friend, Luke, ask two girls, Cher and Bridgette, to join their group. Surprisingly, Cher and Bridgette actually accepted him, and so I thought, "Wow, if they accepted Luke, they might accept me aswell!" and so built up the courage to ask them if I could join. Even though Cher and Bridgette were mean to me sometimes, I knew that I had to risk it and see what'd happen. Afterall, rejection is just another opportunity to find a better group. Little did I know, it'd be the best choice of my life. They were so happy, and even thanked me for joining them! I was speechless once more; I never knew that the peers that I thought I would never be friends with would actually be my friends!  So yeah, that's what I learnt, and I never regretted learning that fact. Ever since then, though, I've learnt not to trust people as much as I used to anymore. I learnt that independency is what works for me, what I was meant for in terms of socializing or working. But, other things may work for you. If you still want a friend, you can be independent and wait for the right person. However, if you still want a real friend, you can wait, but still mingle (hang out) with other people! I I'm not going to make fun of you because I know how you've felt, just as I stated in my past problem before. But you can move on from those friends, they're not worth your time and certainly don't deserve you as a friend. Trust me, if it's meant to be, you'll definitely find a true friend. But if it's not, you may become like me, finding happiness in my own way. I want to remind you though-- you don't need someone to stay happy, or keep you company. This may sound silly, but you can even have your own invisible friends! I've had one, but that's very rarely for me. It's not silly though if you see the general idea; usually these friends are made from different dimensions of your personality or just because of will. There's a lot more fish in the sea, though, so I'm sure you'll find a true friend that's meant for you  :) Take care, and I hope you'll find a true friend soon!
reply about 6 hours
ts01 posted in Friends:
im so sorry you girls feel that way.true friends are there, its just easier to find users because they are more plentiful. dont give up, you will find real friends eventually
reply about 7 hours
lolflowergirl posted in Friends:
i feel alone too
reply about 9 hours
kayme123 posted in Friends:
i know the feeling. but i got taken off a website instead of my friends. i can assure you they probably feel the same and are missing you, BUT its not worth dwelling over it. friends come and go without any choice in life and trust me, i lost the love of my life and my two of the best friends in the world. The thing is, you have to move on, because they wouldent want you feeling sad over them right? they'd want you to be the happy person you were when you were with them! for starters, i'll be your friend so your not scared to make some new ones. To be honest, i went through the exact same thing as you did and it DOES hurt very bad. But once you find some people that are willing to make you feel better, you know you've chosen the right friends again
reply about 18 hours
Irene_love posted in Style:
"" wrote:Hey. Im also turning 15 soon. So dont worry you arent alone hahah. Start dressing for your shape and also find whats comfortable.  Because if you wear something that is uncomfortable you wont be happy and happiness is the best look :) Most of the time I wear jeans with a graphic tshirt or singlet and a cardigan or light jacket. Hoodies are great for winter. And I wear combat boots like doc martins and converse. Hope I helped somehow! :)
reply about 19 hours

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