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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa :: Wii Game Review

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa :: Wii Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Apr 29, 2010
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

FIFA 2010 World Cup is still a couple of months away, but you can already see how your favourite teams match up! Check out our review to see if this game strikes gold.

Strike Fast, Strike Hard

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa focuses on all the exciting action parts of soccer: the scoring. There are lots of offensive minded features in the game, including long range goals, momentum shifts, tons of celebration animations, and a terrible defensive structure. A true blue fan might be frustrated at the lack of defensive features, but a casual fan of the game will love being able to jump in the thick of things instead of just simply passing the ball back and forth for hours.

The World Cup Experience

Unlike the earlier soccer games for the Wii, 2010 FIFA World Cup does not focus on super realistic graphics. However, they are still semi-realistic and you should be able to recognize your favorite players even from far away. The commentary from Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend is great and not annoying at all.

There are some great game modes and multiplayer options included as well. The most interesting one is the Zakumi dream team mode. Zakumi is the mascot of the South Africa World Cup and the game mode starts you off with a team of no name weak players and pits you against the World Cup teams. You will need to beat the teams while also trying to complete specific tasks like scoring from 30 yards away or winning without a foul. Doing everything will get you a gold rating for the match while only winning will get you a bronze. This is important, because when you win, you get to steal a player from the team to add to your own! The better you do, the better the player that you can steal! You can even bring your dream team with you via Wiimote and challenge your friends!

Final Score

2010 FIFA World Cup is a great game, even for people who do not normally watch soccer. There is a lot of to and even more to unlock in the game, including bonus teams, 3rd jersey, and even more goal celebration animations.

Price: $49.99
ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

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