The Greatest Sports Hecklers

“Booo Ref!” … “Hey goalie, you’re jockstrap is on backwards!” … “Aiiiiiiiiiiiir Ball!”… these are just some of the things you might hear from “a heckler” at a sporting event. And even though you’ve probably heard plenty of these types of comments from your own parents at your last soccer match, some fans take heckling to the max and make a career out of it. Whether it’s streaking across a soccer field naked or body painting, who are the greatest hecklers in the history of sports?

Spike Lee

Spike LeeSpike Lee

Famous filmmaker Spike Lee goes to almost every single New York Knicks game. He sits in the first row near center court and he has been known to yap insults at almost every great basketball player since the 1980s. Although he heckles hardcore, he has been pretty unsuccessful since the Knicks have not won a championship since 1973, when Spike was only 16 years old and not yet on the sidelines heckling.

Robin Ficker

Washington BulletsWashington Bullets

Robin Ficker was another basketball heckler that sat behind the bench of the opposing teams of the Washington Bullets. Robin was so good at heckling that Bullets power forward Charles Barkley bought him plane tickets to Chicago to heckle Michael Jordan in their playoff series.

The Philly Phanatic

Phillies FanPhillies Fan

The Phanatic is baseball’s funniest giant muppet mascot. He has been known to terrorize opposing team players by dancing right in front of their dugouts, stomping on their helmets and destroying any type of symbol that represents their team. The Phanatic has been dancing for over 30 years, and his pranks never get old.

The Cameron Crazies

Cameron CraziesCameron Crazies

There has never been a cleverer bunch of hecklers than a group known as the Cameron Crazies. These college students from the Duke University go to every home basketball game and flip the stadium upside down. Every time the opposing team has possession of the basketball, all the fans in the first 20 rows start to jump making the stadium feel like there is an earthquake.

The Green Men

Vancouver CanucksVancouver Canucks

The newest hecklers on the block are known as the Green Men from Vancouver Canada where the Canucks play hockey. During the game, if an opposing team’s player gets a penalty the Green Men are sitting right beside the penalty box to taunt and harass that player for the length of his penalty. There is usually a video camera in the penalty box that captures all their antics.

There are many other famous hecklers and sport fans that never get mentioned. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen at a sporting event? Make sure to tell us about it in the comments below…

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