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Slamball - TNN's Newest Court Sport

Slamball - TNN's Newest Court Sport - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 1 Star Rating)

Its part basketball, part hockey, part trampoline and totally insane. Welcome to Slamball - TNNs newest sports invention.

It's a wild and off-the-wall mix of b-ball, football, lacrosse and trampolines. Welcome to the hard-hitting, high-flying, spring-loaded action of slamball - the revolutionary new action sport that's about to land on TNN.

In slamball, two teams of four players each try to get a ball into a basket while playing on a highly-modified, spring-loaded court. The court is enclosed with plexiglass walls so the ball is always in play - and there are four trampolines set up around each net. These trampolines are used by the players to pull off high-flying slam dunks - just like the ones Bow Wow pulled off in Like Mike.

But players won't have a free path to the hoop. Slamball allows full body contact, so players can push, hit and block their opponents to prevent them from taking the ball to the rack. Each team also has a "stopper" - a kind of goalie whose main job is to do whatever possible to stop the other team from scoring. This means a game of slamball will feature plenty of mid-air collisions and lots of slam dunking wannabees falling on their butt. Slam dunks and shots behind the arc are worth three points. All other baskets are worth two.

The first game of the six-team SlamBall League will air August 8, 2002 on TNN. For more on slamball and to see pics and video clips of this outrageous sport, click here.

1 I think that Slamball is one of the greatest sports that I have seen. If they add more teams, I feel that they could become more popular than the NBA. I would rather see more exciting jumps than to see Shaquille O' Neal post up and dominate every NBA game he plays in.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: dimension05
Age: 14

1 Slamball is cool and all but I would like it better if there was a kids style of it too. That would kick!
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: Ligar0X
Age: 13

1 I think slamball is all out. I love the contact and the high flying action. In my opinion, slamball is the sport of the future.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: alycialuvver
Age: 14

1 Slamball rules! It's one of those sports I'd like to call "Next Generation Sports". I don't usually watch football, basketball, or hockey games. But if I ever get a chance to watch Slamball. I'm there! This would be the best sport for anybody.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: Mr. Evil
Age: 13

1 I think Slamball is the best show ever to happen! My favorite team has to be The Steal. Definetly!
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: doggman
Age: 13

What do you think about slamball? Does combining slam dunking with full body contact sound like a great idea - or is this just a cheesy gimmick to keep sports' fans entertained until the NBA starts up in October? what you think.

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