Northward To The Moon Book Review

Northward To The Moon
Northward To The Moon
Northward To The Moon Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Mar 15, 2010
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Northward To The Moon by Polly Horvath is actually the sequel to My 100 Adventures, so if you want to read the full adventure of main character Jane Fielding, you’ll have to read the first book, well, first.

Title: Northward To The Moon
Author: Polly Horvath
Ages: 10-13
Rating: 5

Northward To The Moon by Polly Horvath is actually the sequel to My 100 Adventures, so if you want to read the full adventure of main character Jane Fielding, you’ll have to read the first book, well, first.

The Story

Thirteen-year-old Jane and her siblings Maya, Max and Herschel (they all have the same mom, but different dads), have lived in Saskatchewan, Canada, for a year – a whole world away from their house on the beach in Massachusetts – because their mom married a man who teaches French there. But when their step-dad loses his job, the family packs up and heads out on a road trip.

The road trip leads the family to Las Vegas, a horse ranch outside of Elko, Nevada, and finally back to their beach house again. Through it all, Jane makes the best of every situation – until her feels that her step-dad has betrayed her. She also develops her first crush on Ben, a silent but muscular young ranch hand who seems to be ignoring her.

The Bottom Line

Northward To The Moon is an interesting book that will make you think about issues like self-esteem, families and different social situations lots of kids find themselves in. It’s also about how the world around you changes as you grow up – maybe because it’s you who’s actually changing.

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