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Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to submit your most embarrassing, hideous, mortifying, turn-your-face-red moment of all time – you know, the stuff you thought you’d never live down but are now ready to talk about in public!

Each and every week, we’ll pick the Most Mortifying Moments and induct them into the Hall of Shame by including them in a weekly round-up story. Here are the best-of-the-best embarrassing moments for the week – congrats to all our new Hall of Shamers!

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Flower Power

Submitted by: CocoShi
It was Valentines Day and In my school, they give out roses to the most popular people. The more roses you get the more popular you are. I got 14 roses and my crush came over to me to give me another one, I was so happy. Just then one of my friends came over and flashed up my shirt, revealing my heart-covered bra!! I was so embarrassed, I didn't talk to her for two weeks, and avoided my crush until I got over it.

Spot Caught

Submitted by: stained!
I was in a really grouchy mood, fighting with my cousins and - lucky me - I was wearing khaki pants. We were rolling on the ground and when I got up I heard gasps. My aunt quickly ran up to me and said I had blood in between my legs. I had started my period!! I will NEVER forget that day.

Break it or Make it

Submitted by: Heartbreaker
When I got my first boyfriend I realized it was a total mistake. One day during P.E. I broke up with him in front of everybody, yet he got the sympathy vote and I was the Heartbreaker. I wanted to crawl under a rock.

Pull Down

Submitted by: nuka 6
One day in P.E. the guys where pulling other guys' pants down. One of them ran up behind me and pulled my pants down and they got my undies, too - in front of everyone in the class!

Poop Scoop

Submitted by: embarresed girl
My crush was walking me home from school. I was so busy being happy I didn't see the dog poop on the sidewalk. I stepped in it and when he saw what happened he said, "Er... I gotta get going..." We never spoke again. Worst day of my life.

Short Story

Submitted by: DegrassiFreak01
Our P.E. shorts have our town's logo on the front and nothing on the back. One day, I put my shorts on backward! I didn't know until we started running laps. My friend came up behind me and said, "Your shorts are on backward - again!" I asked the teacher if I could change, but she told me to finish the eight laps!! Everyone was pointing and laughing at me - even the teacher!

Bike Like

Submitted by: Dixie Trixie
I was riding my bike when my crush walked by. I smiled, he smiled. While I was in fairyland, I ran into a pole! And here's the REALLY embarrassing part: I was wearing a dress and it had lifted right over my head! The next day, I was the highlight of the school.

Run Around

Submitted by: 17Matt17
Last week we were running the mile for my soccer team. We have a co-ed team with a lot of cute girls. I was showing off to all the girls that I could run fast and had good stamina. Well, one girl ran up with me and I was trying to beat her. But I let her get a little ahead of me before I ran right next to her. My guy friend pushed me when I was running fast and I tripped her and she fell back and so did I. She landed in my arms and everyone was laughing saying she fell for me. Needless to say, we're flirting a lot now.

Shirt Alert

Submitted by: animefreak..........
As the cheerleading captain I had to do a flip. I'd forgotten my cheerleading skirt that day so the school let me borrow another one. The skirt was a little too big. I did a flip, and... OH NO!!! My skirt fell down and ALL the boys could see it! I was sooo embarrassed, but the worst part was I had on teddy bear underwear!

Skate Fate

Submitted by: muttbutt
I was skateboarding on Christmas Eve. I fell in the driveway and landed in the flower bed. My parents and my sister saw the whole thing!

Tight Plight

Submitted by: ripped
In 3rd Grade I was wearing really tight pants on the playground. Suddenly, my pants ripped and everyone behind me saw it! So I went to the nurse to get some pants. But that pair was way too big and, when I went back outside, they totally fell down!

Toilet Trouble

Submitted by: ALLS
I was at a party and had to use the bathroom. A boy had left the toilet seat up but I didn't know it,. I sat down, fell in and got stuck! I sat there for about an hour screaming my friend's name but she couldn't hear me. Finally someone came in to use the bathroom - but it was my crush! He called my friend to help but it was the most humiliating night EVER!

Red Alert

Submitted by: stained
I was at the fair with my BF and all our friends, in brand-new white shorts... When i bent down to get my phone EVERYBODY started laughing. i didn't get it, so we spent about three hours there... and when I got home my shorts were RED!

Kiss Miss

Submitted by: Kisses
For her birthday my BFF threw a love-themed party. We all played a game where the girls had to close their eyes and a boy would come up and kiss them. At first i thought the guy that was kissing me was my boyfriend but then I opened my eyes it was my ex. My BF came out of the bathroom right at that moment so I had to pretend that I didn't like the kiss!

Rhyme Time

Submitted by: Hailo's Angel
In Grade 8 my crush happened to be the most popular boy in school. One day during lunch I wrote this lovey dovey poem about him in my notebook. When the bell rang I jumped up, grabbed my stuff and raced out, accidentally leaving my notebook behind. When I walked into the last class of the day, all my friends - including my crush - were staring at me. As soon as I got to my seat, he came over and put my notebook, opened to the poem, on the desk and said, "Me and my friends enjoyed this poem so much, maybe you can write some more and show us?" I was so horrified!

Pole Roll

Submitted by: 23tiger35
My mom dropped me off at school. I looked back to wave goodbye to her and walked into a concrete pole! Everyone laughed - even my mom!

Slip Up

Submitted by: CuteE4eva
I was slip and sliding outside with my friend. When it was my turn, my bikini topped slid off. To make things worse, my crush saw the whole thing!

Not A Fan

Submitted by: haley
My school's locker room has a fan in it. I was wearing a skirt and, when I walked by the fan it blew my skirt up! Some Grade 7 girls started laughing at me. I blushed and walked out. I hid the skirt under my bed so I won't have to be reminded of it again.

Dumb Gum

Submitted by: philippae
My teacher sat my crush next to me on the bus for our field trip. I was happily chewing gum. We were coming up to a speed bump but I was so busy talking to him I didn't notice. But after we went over the bump my gum was in my hair!

Grad Sad

Submitted by: aiyaya!
When we arrived at the place for our graduation ceremony, we did a few run-throughs and everything was perfect. Before it actually started, one of my friends said that our dance group had to test the stage to make sure it was big enough for a cartwheel. I was wearing a formal dress because I had to do a Class Speech, so when I did the cartwheel, my whole dress flipped and everyone, including the boys, saw my Snoopy underpants!

Big Stink

Submitted by: Brooke123
My friends and I had been dying to see Eclipse, so we hit the movie theater on opening night. The movie was about to start, but I had to go to the bathroom. The line for the ladies' room was long, and I didn't want to miss a second of the film so I snuck into the men's washroom. I'll admit that I really stunk up the whole place, so I ran out hoping no one would see me. But as I opened the door my crush, Nicholas, was walking in! Not only did he cringe at the stench, but I saw him look up to check the "Men's" sign on the door!

Wet Fret

Submitted by: fob12
I had to make a speech over my school's news station, live. I was so nervous that I wet my pants on camera!

Family Matters

Submitted by: xxcrayon_graffitixx
Last year I had a huge crush on this guy... until I went to a family reunion and saw him there. My mom remarried my stepdad recently and that's when I found out he was one of my new step cousins... awkwardness!

Pup Pee

Submitted by: AshThe Awesome
I was taking a girl to the dance, but when she arrived at my house my dog peed on my foot and the girl just walked off!

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Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to...
Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to...
Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to...

Dear Dish-It in the forums

i need help.   i have really bad anxiety and im depressed all the time.   i dont have anyone that im close to.  its just hard for me to trust people      im really bad at comveying my feelings    id ask someone for help but as i said i dont really get close to anyone     i almost never talk and when i do i say few words and act happy    i also compulively lie so no one knows what im really feeling  i cant express my feelings        i dont have anyone that i trust and its really hard       i thought about killing myself but im afraid to die so i never do anything      since i cant ask anyone in real life im hoping that someone on here can help me           i dont have any interests and im depressed and its almost impossible for me to tell people about it      what do i do?
reply about 3 hours
-Karpov- posted in Friends:
It's normal to feel jealousy, and it's not really too bad a thing unless you let it get to you and cause problems. I get jealous as hell but I try to avoid letting it affect the way I hold a conversation, for example. 
reply about 3 hours
SydneyWavsYou posted in Friends:
My boyfriend and I have been dating for a week now (It's a week today ♥) and I've noticed how Jealous I get... I trust him, but I don't trust girls... Is that a bad thing? He's my first actual boyfriend so I'm not use to this. 
reply about 4 hours
shygirl03 posted in Friends:
So there's this guy in my class and he sits next to me. Correction he HAS to sit next to me, So my classroom as a table with 2 desks connected to make a huge desk but separated holders things to put our stuff in. So this guy is really the class clown of the class and he can be a jerk when he wants to be but sometimes can be a really nice guy. He likes to talk to me and he "Occasionally" Touches my hand or arm in a friendly way.. I think :3 but anyways he teases me ... A LOT but he sometimes insults me but when he sees my face not cracking into a smile. he instantly says sorry or didnt mean it like that kind of way and i smile. So does he like me? Or he just being a regular guy? 
reply about 5 hours
My best friend is autistic and mild to moderate on the spectrum. He has a daily routine and obviously keeps to it.  His sister who's 18 told me about his condition. And she spoke to me about how much help he needs around the house. My friend doesn't actually need all that much help, as his autism isn't that bad compared to others I know. He mainly suffers reading people's emotions, and having the confidence to make friends and talk aloud. But his sister did complain that he was always the needy one around the house when she was younger.  What you've got to understand is that autism affects people in different ways, no autistic person is the same, and so requires a different level of work and help towards them. Your brothers didn't ask for this. They were born like that. I know how it feels though, feeling left out. And feeling like your parents don't love you. They really do. They just don't have time to express that love, which is kinda sad really.  Maybe you could get involved in helping your brothers out. Depending on how old they are, you can educate them on reading emotions, and things like that. They're great life skills. Or simply just being there for them is something you can do. Autism itself is a pretty frustrating thing for the person who has it. My friend hates it, but tries to live with it as a gift. Just a little support can go a long way.
reply about 7 hours

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