2010 NFL Preview

It’s time for the NFL season to get going. Long-time Philly QB Donovan McNabb is leaving the Eagles to play with the Redskins. The Miami Dolphins traded away 1st Round Draft picks to get one of the strongest receivers in the game, Brandon Marshall from the Denver Broncos. The Bengals signed T.O. because no one else would. A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same… let’s try to pick the next Super Bowl winner!

New Orleans Saints

Run Reggie RunRun Reggie Run

The Saints have already marched in, and can they do it again. They have the best offense with Drew Brees and Reggie Bush, the strongest one-two punch in the League. The coach Sean Payton’s biggest concern is that the team has partied too hard since winning the Super Bowl last year.

Indianapolis Colts

Perfect PeytonPerfect Peyton

Another team that hasn’t really changed but will be as dangerous as ever is the Indianapolis Colts. Peyton Manning is still ranked as the best quarterback in the NFL and the rest of the team is coming back to win another Super Bowl. The good news for the Colts is that they are getting back two big players from injuries, Anthony Gonzalez and Bob Sanders, who were out all of last season. Maybe they were the difference from winning the whole thing.

Cincinnati Bengals

TD for TOTD for TO

It’s such a shame that Terrell Owens has turned from a great player into a great hated player. It seems that this pro bowl superstar leaves trails of pain and misery every team he is traded to every year. The Bengals hope to break that trend. They have a great QB in Carson Palmer and Terrell will make him even greater. Who knows… could this be the year Cinci makes a run for a championship?

New England Patriots

Bestest BradyBestest Brady

Tom Brady is healthy and so is his best receiver Wes Walker. Oh, not to mention Randy Moss has waited a whole year to get back his #1 gunslinger to throw him the long ball. The Pats are always going to be an incredible team with these Superstars, but unfortunately there is a lot of talk about the defense not being very good anymore. Unfortunately nowadays defense is more important than anything in football. So don’t expect New England to win the Super Bowl.

New York Jets


All I got to say is Ladainian Tomlinson. Watch out for the Jets.

Dallas Cowboys

Terrific TonyTerrific Tony

So what has changed in Dallas that could make them a Super Bowl contender? It’s a new Stadium where the Super Bowl will be played. Dallas is hosting their first ever Super Bowl in a brand new stadium. All the Cowboys need is Tony Romo to lead them to the final game and they’ll have close to 80,000 fans rooting them on to win.

Green Bay Packers

Ready RodgersReady Rodgers

The most impressive player in the pre-season has to be the Packers and the play of Aaron Rodgers. Aaron is still thinking about his brilliant 4,000 yard season last year. If his defense could only have held the Arizona Cardinals to less than 45 points, he might have won the Super Bowl. This year the Pack defense is stacked. Green Bay is a contender.

San Fransisco

Westbrook heads WestWestbrook heads West

Could be the rising underdog of the year. They had the best record in the pre-season undefeated at 4-0. Why? Brian Westbrook is the big talk of the town.

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