2002 NFL Season

2002 NFL Season - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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With a new team, new divisions and no clear Super Bowl favorite, the 2002 NFL season is shaping up to be one of the best ever. Check out this preview of the 2002 NFL football season.

With a new team, two new divisions and no clear Super Bowl favorite, the 2002 NFL football season is shaping up to be one of the best ever. Here's a look at Kidzworld's 2002 NFL season preview.

1New Divisions
The AFC and NFC now each have four divisions - North, South, East and West - with four teams in each. Each division winner, and two wildcard teams (from each conference,) make the playoffs. The Super Bowl will be played January 26, 2003 in San Diego.

1Anyone Can Win It All
The great thing about the 2002 NFL season is that there are no clear favorites to win the Super Bowl. The St. Louis Rams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders are getting most of the early hype - but the NFL is so even now that almost any team can win on any given Sunday. So unless you're a fan of the Bengals, don't be surprised if your favorite team is playing for the Super Bowl. Remember New England Patriots last year? That was a shocker!

1Texans Touchdown
The Houston Texans are the NFL's newest team. The Texans will play in the AFC south divison, along with the Indianapolis Colts, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans. The team's new uniforms feature a Texas Longhorn with the colors of the state flag (how original.) The Texans likely won't be stampeding over very many teams in their first season - but they did manage to win their opening game 19-10 over their state rivals, the Dallas Cowboys.

1Opening Week Brain Fart
Dwayne Rudd of the Cleveland Browns will be remembering his opening game screw-up against the Kansas City Chiefs for a long time - especially if the Browns miss the playoffs. With the clock running out, Rudd took off his helmet and threw it on to the field to celebrate his team's victory. Unfortunately for Dwayne and the Browns, the NFL considers that to be a form of taunting. Dwayne was given a 15 yard penalty on the final play of the game. That allowed the Chiefs to score the game-winning field goal and left Dwayne having to do a lot of explaining to his teammates.

1Football Snackin'
You're not alone if you spend most of Sunday afternoon lying on the couch watching football and filling your face with potato chips. Americans consume more snack food on Sundays than any other day.

Who do you think's gonna win it all? your Super Bowl predictions to Kidzworld.

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