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Dish It’s Hall of Shame | Stage Fright

Kidzworld’s Hall of Shame is back – and better than ever! We’re inviting all Kidzworld Members to submit your most embarrassing, hideous, mortifying, turn-your-face-red moment of all time – you know, the stuff you thought you’d never live down but are now ready to talk about in public!

We’ll pick the Most Mortifying Moments and induct them into the Hall of Shame by including them in a weekly round-up story. Here are the best-of-the-best embarrassing moments for the week – congrats to all our new Hall of Shamers!

Psst: To submit YOUR Hall of Shame moment, check out our step-by-step instructions at the very end of this story …

Curtsy Curse

Hall of ShameHall of Shame

Submitted by: gg

I was in the middle of a dance when we came to the part where we had to bow down to the audience. But I bowed down the wrong way, so I was showing my butt to the audience!

Tankini Trouble

Hall of ShameHall of Shame

Submitted by: Kit-Kat-Katy

I was walking on the beach with my new BF when I tripped over a roc, and fell flat on my face. I was in my tankini, which somehow came untied as I fell. When I stood up, it fell to the ground! Luckily, my BF understood, so we’re cool now!

Basket Bawl

Hall of ShameHall of Shame

Submitted by: Basketbawful Birthday Shot

I had a basketball game on my birthday. During the game, my team made a shot and I didn't realize it, so I grabbed the rebound and tried again, and again … I finally got it, looked up and realized everyone was at the other end of the court just looking at me funny. Then my friend started laughing at me, as well as my family. I'll never live that down!

Itch Sitch

Hall of ShameHall of Shame

Submitted by: cloe h2o

I was in computer class when I got an irritating itch on the side of my nose, so naturally I scratched it. The teacher said, "Go wash your hands! You’re 11 years old; only three-year-olds pick their noses!"

Snort Court

Hall of ShameHall of Shame

Submitted by: YDNTK

I was sitting next to my crush in class. I decided to take a sip from my water bottle when he told me a joke. It was so funny that water came flying out of my mouth and out of my nose all over him and his papers! Everybody started laughing and, the worst part is, he was mad at me and would not talk to me for two weeks!

Wrong Room

Hall of ShameHall of Shame

Submitted by: Dunker

I had to go to the bathroom at school, but I accidentally went into the boys’ room instead of the girls’. But before I could leave I heard footsteps and two boys came in. I stood on the toilet lid so they wouldn’t see my shoes under the door but, all of a sudden, my foot slipped and I fell in the toilet! I had a wet foot all day!

Stage Fright

Hall of ShameHall of Shame

Submitted by: lilmissamazing

I was singing on stage at the talent show when suddenly I coughed so hard that I fell down. It was too embarrassing!

Mom Bomb

Hall of ShameHall of Shame

Submitted by: ashlen201

I was daydreaming about my crush in class. My mom happened to be our substitute teacher that day and she said, “Stop dreaming about …” and she said my crush’s name! The whole class laughed and giggled and pointed!

Mask Attack

Hall of ShameHall of Shame

Submitted by: Soraru

I was playing hide and seek with my little cousins. I was walking around the house in dead silence when the youngest jumped out with a fake face-paint mask on. I slipped backward and slammed into the coffee table. Ouch!

Water Woes

Hall of ShameHall of Shame

Submitted by: Twister

I was at the swimming pool, going down a water slide on my stomach full speed. I was going so fast it hurt. I hit the water and when I came up everyone was laughing because my swim trunks had come off!

Have Your Say

Think YOU can out-embarrass these Hall of Shamers??? Here’s how to submit your Hall of Shame moment to us (make sure you follow these steps carefully, or your message might get missed):

  1. Go to the Dear Dish-it web form
  2. Type in your secret nickname
  3. Make sure you type HALL OF SHAME in the subject line
  4. Type out your hall of Shame moment - be as detailed as possible for a better chance of making the weekly top 10!
  5. Click on the Send Question button and you’re done!

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Hall of Shame - Pick the Winner!

  • Getting caught singing the Frosted Flakes song.
  • Getting caught by your crush singing a goofy song.
  • Losing your tankini in front of your BF's friends.
  • Having people think you said you like a dorky guy.

Dear Dish-It In The Forums

hey there!! well i suggest u to answer back cause i think he missed u cause he hasnt see u for a year and i know he is estranged but if u answer back maybe he wont be strange so yeah :D :D :D
reply 4 days
My dad and I are kind of estranged, we haven't spoken in a year. So my mom decides it would be a good idea to let him message me. He texted me while I was at school and now I have no idea what to do. All he said was 'Hi _, how is school?'. Do I reply? Do I not? If I do, what do I say? My mom and grandparents are no help, they just cracked jokes about it. KidzWorld has helped me with a hell lot of things, I better not be let down this time.
reply 4 days
Just act like you were introducing him as one of your friends. Be yourself, wear stuff that’s comfortable. It’s okay to be nervous because everyone will be. Just hang out and have fun.
reply 5 days
one day I was eating lunch with my friends and two boys, (I'm a girl). when one boy told his friend and some other people, everyone but me who he had a crush on. At the end of lunch someone told me and it was me, later on he confirmed it and his friend told us he was on the verge of tears because I found out. people were telling everyone he liked me. Earlier I told him I liked him as not to make him feel bad, he told his friend who told everyone. soon rumors were started my best friend and his had teamed up to make an unstoppable rumor making and spreading team.  on monday it was our all day field trip and he needed to tell me something so on the way back we sat together across from his friend. She asked him if he still liked me. I covered my eyes but could still see and he was saying no but nodding his head. I told him to just tell me and he said yes. By then the rumors were getting really bad so in order to stop them we started hanging out, and became best friends. its summer now and we text each other all the time but we are just friends the rumors have blown over but now another has become true. through all of this,  I really like him now. I don't know I f he still likes me but I know that I really want him too because I really like him now! What do I do? Please help me! I'm so lost! this is all like a nightmare! what if it starts again. What do I do!
reply 5 days
imtcutiie posted in Style:
reply 7 days