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Halloween Mah Jong

Have you ever played Mah Jong? Have you even heard of it? It's a game that's been played for centuries, and it relies on wit and a good strategy. Think you've got what it takes to get rid of all your Mah Jong tiles? Check out the Halloween version of the game that's sure to be a spooky-good time.

Play a free game of Halloween Mah Jong!

What's your favorite thing about Halloween? Do you have any cool games that you and your friends like to play on this spooky holiday?

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    Where Was Mah Jong Invented?

    • Korea.
    • Japan.
    • China.
    • Thailand.

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    Pineapple Pen (im sorry)
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    thrt105 posted in Random:
    Blue, because it's the color of the sky and ocean, and I think that those features are what make nature absolutely beautiful. Also, with blue sea creatures and blue birds, the world just seems to take me into a breeze.
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    14 y/o m here, anyone 12-14 girls that want to chat? 
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    Black. Because it's the color of my soul.
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    green cuz its the color of money  :)
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