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Top 10 Ways to Volunteer

Apr 16, 2012

Volunteering can be a great way to learn about the world, meet new people and help make a difference in your neighborhood and at your school. Find out more about helping out in your community and the top 10 ways to volunteer!

No.10: The New Kid

A new school can be scary, be kind and show the new kids around!A new school can be scary, be kind and show the new kids around!

Offer to get involved with helping new kids at your school by showing them the ropes. Being at a new school can be scary and teachers and students alike will appreciate the effort (especially the new kids!)

No.9:  Create A Club

You might be surprised how many kids will be on board if you start a clubYou might be surprised how many kids will be on board if you start a club

If there’s an issue or problem you’re passionate about - like bullying, hunger, homelessness or recycling – why not create a club at your school to raise awareness about the issue and band together to make a difference.

No.8: Clothing Drive

Organize a clothing drive and get everyone involved in clearing out their closets~Organize a clothing drive and get everyone involved in clearing out their closets~

We all have more things than we truly need, encourage your friends, family and classmates to do some spring cleaning in their closets by arranging a clothing drive or simply collecting clothing to donate to an organization with thrift stores like the Salvation Army or the SPCA!

No.7: Seniors Star

If you love people, lend your time to a home for seniorsIf you love people, lend your time to a home for seniors

If you love working with people, why not approach a Seniors facility about spending time with their members. You can play games, read with them, go for walks or simply talk, every little bit helps when it comes to staying alert in your old age.

No.6: Money Matters

Collect money for a charityCollect money for a charity

Almost every charity organization out there has one thing in common –they need money! Just a few pennies can help buy essentials for someone homeless, or help buy food and water for a child in a developing nation. Start a collection box at your school for the charity of your choice.

No.5:  Tutor Time

If your IQ is off the charts, why not give other students a piece of  your mind - by tutoring!If your IQ is off the charts, why not give other students a piece of your mind - by tutoring!

Maybe you’re a whiz at math or English, but you see a classmate or friend struggling and wish you could help them. Guess what? You can! Tell your school or class that you are available as a tutor and donate your time. The best part is, sometimes explaining it to someone else can help you study and learn even better.

No.4: Plant Pro

Beautify your neighborhood by planting trees and flowersBeautify your neighborhood by planting trees and flowersCourtesy of FiveHive.com

If you have a green thumb, beautifying your neighborhood or schoolgrounds can be as easy and cheap as grabbing a shovel and throwing down some seeds. If you love gardening and nature, start a garden for everyone to enjoy!

No.3: Trees not Trash

Trees not trash! Get rid of litter in your communityTrees not trash! Get rid of litter in your community

Litter bugs can make public places, like parks and playgrounds, unpleasant for everyone. Lead by example by volunteering to pick up litter in your neighborhood.

No.2: Awesome with Animals

Contact your local animal shelter to find out about fostering a furry friendContact your local animal shelter to find out about fostering a furry friend

Get up close and personal with your favorite furry friends by volunteering at your local animal shelter. If your parents allow it you can foster animals like kittens and puppies til they find their “forever” homes, or you can offer to feed, clean and walk the animals at the shelter.

No.1: Help the Homeless

Help the homeless by volunteering at a soup kitchenHelp the homeless by volunteering at a soup kitchenCourtesy of Jupiterimages

There are many ways you can give the homeless a hand in your city: you can volunteer at a soup kitchen, offer to put together essential supplies kits or raise money and awareness at your school!

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What Kind of Charity Do You Support?

  • Food banks.
  • Homeless shelters.
  • Organizations that help sick kids.
  • Disaster relief.

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"XxRuby_PhoenixxX" wrote:I had gone to a Christian school for... *counting* 1..2.. 4 years. Never learned about LGBTQIA, so I doubt a 6 year old would know about it.  Well part of life is informing yourself about what school does not teach you, so first of all do some research. In this day in age doing research is not that hard then it was 35 years ago.  Since you also spoke about going to a Christian school the school will have its own bias towards the subject. Some Christian's are aposed to the subject to being gay because the Bible does not specify about what gay people are since this was a question brought up to most people around the 1970's. Other people have caught on with the idea and have supported it. You just have to find where you fit in, you can't always blame facts because you have neglected to do research to understand and find a side that resonates with you and argue it. 
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