This Week in the Olympics

Aug 06, 2012

We are over the half way mark for the 2012 Olympics in London and there are so many stories to talk about, Kidzworld would have to buy a second website to tell you all about them. Why don't we just pick a few of them and maybe that will satisfy your Olympic appetite.

Bolt is Best

100 Meter RaceUsain BoltCourtesy of the Olympics

The biggest story at the Olympics is always the 100 meter final. Who is the fastest man in the world? Usain Bolt does it again as he ran the 100 meters in just 9.64 seconds and finished light years ahead of the competition. No fair... he comes from a family named after lightning!!!

Swimming Sensations

Michael Phelps made history at these Olympic Games setting the new Olympic Record for the most medals won by an athlete in their lifetime. He now has 21 medals. 17 of them are gold! He made it look way too easy. He's not even thirty years old. 

Chinese Olympic SwimmerYe ShiwenCourtesy of the Olympics

China's Ye Shiwen is only 16 years old and she is turning some heads in the swimming pool. She won the Gold Medal twice in her events and she set a new Olympic Record in her 400 meter race. She was so fast that some poor sports were asking her to be tested for steroids. Apparently because Ye swam her last 50 meters faster than Ryan Lochte's time, the American coaches can't believe that a woman could do that without some illegal drugs.

Dream Team II

Carmello AnthonyUS Basketball TeamCourtesy of the Olympics

After all the controversy that Kobe Bryant and Lebron James started by saying that their US Olympic basketball is better than the 1992 Olympic Dream Team, all the records that they've been setting at the 2012 Games are living up to their words. Carmello Anthony hit 10 3-Pointers in their preliminary game against Nigeria where the team set a handful of individual and team records. Who's going to stop these guys?

Medal for Murray

Andy Beats RogerAndy Murray Wins GoldCourtesy of the Olympics

Andy Murray broke his bad luck streak by finally defeating Roger Federer in a match that really mattered... the Gold Medal Match for tennis. It was only a few weeks ago where Andy broke down and cried as he lost in the same spot at Wimbleton to Roger. I guess if you try and try and try again, you just might surprise yourself.

Britain's Blues

Blue-Tongue BummerJack ButlandCourtesy of the Olympics

OK what is up with Jack Butland, the goalie from Great Britain in men's soccer. Apparently he likes to stick out his blue tongue and stare down the opposition before penalty kicks. It's not working. He let in all 5 penalty kicks as South Korea advances to face Brazil in the Semis. He tried the same blue-tongue tactic in the Eurocup against Italy in penalty shots... and lost. This just proves that it's not only impolite to stick your tongue out, but it's also bad luck.

Bad News for Badminton

There was one dark spot for the Olympics so far... in Badminton. Oh those bad bad badminton players were up to their silly tricks again as Indonesian, Korean and Chinese teams were desperately trying to LOSE their matches. Believe whatever you want about why they were trying to lose, but the judge called their match and 4 teams were disqualified.

Medal Mix

And finally, the USA and China are in one of the tightest battles ever for the medal count. The Chinese seem to be getting closer every Olympics to surpassing the Americans in Olympic domination. USA has not lost an Olympic Medal Count since 1992 when Russia had more medals.

Have Your Say...

What event do you think has been the top story at the Olympics? Let us know in the comments below...


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JennyD wrote:

Swimming or gymnastics
commented: Wed Jul 31, 2013

Lady Raine

Lady Raine wrote:

looking at this makes my azz hurt
commented: Sat Oct 06, 2012


Diamond543 wrote:

You wish, of course Bolt is best, but Felix isn't. It's Shelly Ann Fraser of course!
commented: Sun Aug 12, 2012

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