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Celebrity Recap - November 2002

What happened this month in Hollywood? Find out which Osbourne member's a year older, which boyband member had a baby and which one broke a bone. Kidzworld has the month of November, 2002, in review so you can keep up with all your favorite stars and all the breaking gossip.


  • November 5 - Matthew McConaughey turned 33, and so did Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.
  • November 6 - Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, who plays Mystique in the X-Men flicks, hit the big three "O." Actor-hottie Ethan Hawke turned 32.
  • November 8 - Jack Osbourne turned 17 and Josie and the Pussycats girl, Tara Reid, celebrated her 27th birthday.
  • November 12 - Princess Diaries star Anne Hathaway turned 20.
  • November 18 - Owen Wilson celebrated his 34th B-Day.
  • November 21 - Jena Malone turned 18.


    *NSYNC and now solo hottie Justin Timberlake broke his foot over the weekend of November 16-17, reportedly while rehearsing for a television show that was to air in the UK on November 24, 2002. Justin was scheduled to host along with Kelly Obsourne. The injury has forced Justin to cancel that appearance, as well as, events that were scheduled for the upcoming two weeks to promote his newly released solo CD, Justified.

  • On November 20th, 2002, Latin diva Shakira fell on stage during her concert in New York City. She injured one of her fingers but it was nothing serious and the tour, Tour of the Mongoose, will go on as scheduled.

    Baby Newz

    Taylor Hanson, the middle bro in the boyband Hanson, and his wife Natalie had their first child,a baby boy named Jordan Ezra, on October 31, 2002. News of the newest Hanson didn't get released until this month that's why we're reporting it in November!

    Celeb Law-Breakers

    Next week on Dawson's Creek, Pacey goes to jail! Joshua Jackson who plays Pacey Witter on Dawson's Creek landed behind bars this month because police say he drunkenly assaulted a security guard at a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game. Joshua supposedly threw punches at the guard. He posted his $1,000 bail and is due in court December.

  • Winona Ryder was found guilty on felony theft charges this month for her five-fingered, $5,000 shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue. The jury came back with the guilty verdict on November 5, 2002. Winona will be sentenced on December 6, 2002, but there will probably not be jail time for the actress. "We will not be asking for any jail time in this matter. We were simply asking for Ms. Ryder to take responsibility for her conduct," the Deputy District Attorney Ann Rundle told the press.


    It's official. Ben Affleck will become the third Mr. Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have publicly announced that they are engaged and will be married in 2003. Ben proposed to Jen at his mom's house in south Boston and gave her a pink diamond engagement ring worth over three million dollars. But remember, it don't matter about the rocks that she's got, she's still Jenny from the block!


    Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley checked into Heartbreak Hotel after only three months of marriage. Nicolas Cage filed for divorce from Lisa Marie Presley (Elvis' daughter) on November 25, 2002 stating irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. The couple tied the knot in Hawaii on August 10, 2002. This marks marriage number two for Nic and marriage number three for Lisa Marie, who raised eyebrows with her creepy marriage to Michael Jackson.

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