Dragon Keepers #5: The Dragon in the Sea

Jun 08, 2013

The Dragon Keepers books are action-packed and adventure-filled, and #5 in the series is no exception. In Dragon Keepers #5: The Dragon in the Sea, Dragon Keeper cousins Jesse and Daisy embark on a mission to help their dragon Emmy protect an egg that holds her baby brother inside. On their journey Jesse, Daisy and Emmy delve into the deep waters and end up in what’s known as the Watery Realms, an enchanting underwater world inhabited by mer-people, selkies and even water zombies! That’s just the beginning of the magic and mayhem – the Dragon Keepers and Emmy encounter all kinds of odd, scary and amazing characters in this roller coaster of an adventure story while driving home the importance of family and loyalty.

The Dragon in the SeaThe Dragon in the SeaCourtesy of Random House

The Dragon Keeper series is perfect for middle grade readers who have a taste for fantasy, and are ready to dive in to a brand new world.



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