History in Stone Series Book Review

History in Stone Series Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Check out Kidzworld's book review on the History in Stone series. We'll tell you how you too can build your very own Roman Colosseum, Egyptian Temple of Ramses III and Parthenon of ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece by Stewart Ross
Ancient Rome - by Sarah Eason
Ancient Egypt - by Andrew Langley

Ever wonder how long it took to build the Colosseum in ancient Rome? It took me all of ten minutes! And it took me even less time to build the Parthenon of ancient Greece, with just one hand. How about the equally ancient Egyptian Temple of Ramses III? Well, that took a little longer. I started to get a nasty hieroglyphics cramp. Ok, so maybe these masterpieces aren't actual size, but they are fantastic miniature replicas.

Inside the Books

You too can start building when you pick up any of the books in the series History In Stone. Each book explains who these ancient dudes were and what their worlds would have been like. From a day in the life - like what they would eat, drink, wear and think - to the over the top temples, shrines, sculptures and pyramids that they built for their gods and goddesses.

The Bottom Line

The books are filled with beautiful photos and illustrations as well as just enough info to make you smart without making you feel like you're learning anything. Plus it comes with a cool toy! It's like going to the dentist except there's no pain and your mouth is full of new words and ideas, not nasty metal or fluoride!

History in Stone Series Rating: 5

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