Top 5 Mountain Bikes under $1000

May 27, 2013

A good Mountain bike is one of the greatest things you can get, but it can be tough to choose a good one. You don't want to get a cheap one that will break down on you, but you don't really need to spend more than $1000 to get a really good one. So here are the Top 5 Mountain Bikes under $1000:   

1. GT Avalanche 3.0 Hydro – 2013 – $599  

GT Avalanche 3.0 HydroGT Avalanche 3.0 HydroCourtesy of GT

Even though the GT Avalanche is pretty heavy, if you want a bike that will last forever this is it. It weighs 32 pounds so it will take some extra muscle to get this beast up hills, however the weight makes riding over bumps smoother than usual and you might like that if you like to drink banana smoothies.  

2. KHS Winslow 29er – 2013 – $649  

KHS Winslow 29erKHS Winslow 29erCourtesy of KHS

Speed, speed, speed! The KHS Winslow 29er is a fast bike with the 29 inch wheels if you can handle them. This bike will get you first place in the races, and if you're interested in getting a good workout, you're bound to get legs in shape riding this bike everyday to school.  

3. Norco Charger 6.3 - 2013 – $690  

Norco Charger 6.3Norco Charger 6.3Courtesy of Norco

Moving in up quality to higher-end components, but for not much extra money, is the Norco Charger 6.3. This bike has a light balanced frame similar to the higher end models, making it really easy to ride for everyone. It even has disc brakes, performance drivetrains, and 100mm travel forks with lockout that make the Charger a trail-ready bike you can build your skills on. It also comes with optional 29 inch wheels, if you're up for it.  

4. Kona Tika - 2013 – Women’s Specific – $690  

Kona TikaKona TikaCourtesy of Kona

The Kona Tika was designed specifically for girls. So what does that mean? Well, it's a good bike that anyone could ride, but it features specific grips and saddle that were designed based on the preferences of most girls. So if you're a dude and you want one, just change those two features to whatever you want and it becomes a boys bike.  

5. Haro Flightline Trail 29er - 2013 – $739  

Haro Flightline Trail 29erHaro Flightline Trail 29erCourtesy of Haro

The Flightline features Shimano M445 hydro disk brakes, an 80mm RockShox travel fork with rebound, preload adjust, and a lockout and Pivit alloy riser bar. So you're paying a little bit extra for some advanced components that make riding the bike easier and faster. This bike wins the best bang for the buck award!  

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Just wow.....I loooove mountain bikes!!! But never gone to this biking......
commented: Thu Nov 14, 2013

Helpful for bike riders ;o
commented: Thu Nov 14, 2013


bellagloria wrote:

i wish i could go mountine bike'ing but i can where i ive there are no mountine :)
commented: Sun Oct 13, 2013

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