Top 10 Halloween Movies 2013

Oct 21, 2013

If you're planning a spooky sleepover or ghoulish gathering in the "spirit" of the Halloween season, you'll want to check out the Top 10 Halloween Movies!

No.10: Clue

Although it's more silly than scary, Clue is a murder mystery classic full of intrigue, death and more than it's fair share of witty dialogue and gags.

Clue is a campy murder mystery anyone can enjoyClue is a campy murder mystery anyone can enjoyCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

No.9: The Corpse Bride

When it comes to great Halloween movies, be prepared to see the list full of Tim Burton flicks, this animated film takes love beyond the grave and into the next realm, constantly going between sweet and creepy.

Love is til death do you part - and beyond in The Corpse BrideLove is til death do you part - and beyond in The Corpse BrideCourtesy of Warner Bros.

No.8: Beetlejuice

Another classic film that toes the line between comedy and horror, Beetlejuice has everything you need for Halloween - ghosts, voodoo, life after death, an unforgettable gothic teenager (played by Winona Ryder) and an unforgettable cast of characters.

Beetlejuice in an afterlife waiting roomBeetlejuice in an afterlife waiting roomCourtesy of Warner Bros.

No.7: The Craft

When it comes to teen witch movies, it doesn't get much better than The Craft. When four girls get together anything can happen - and we don't mean in the good way.

"Call the corners" with The CraftCourtesy of Columbia Pictures

No.6: Hotel Transylvania

Dracula has been portrayed in many different ways over the years, but Hotel Transylvania is the first time he's been a successful high-end resort owner. Things get interesting when a boy falls for his teen daughter (voiced by Selena Gomez).

Hotel Transylvania stars the voice talent of Selena GomezHotel Transylvania stars the voice talent of Selena GomezCourtesy of Columbia Pictures

No.5: Zombieland

Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone, Zombieland follows an unlikely group of travellers: a tough guy, a shy college kid trying to find his family in Ohio and a pair of sisters determined to get to an amusement park, as they fight their way across a zombie-filled America.

Zombieland is an undead-roadtrip adventureZombieland is an undead-roadtrip adventureCourtesy of Columbia Pictures

No.4: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another classic animated Tim Burton film that explores the boundaries between horrifying and heartwarming, this film is all about what happens when the crew behind Halloween decide to take over a cheerier holiday - Christmas!

The Nightmare Before ChristmasThe Nightmare Before ChristmasCourtesy of Buena Vista

No.3: Carrie

Whether you opt for the vintage 70's version, or choose the one that just hit theaters starring Chloe Moretz, Carrie is a film guaranteed to genuinely scare you. When a shy teen is taunted at school, it unleashes a scene like no one has ever experienced before.

Carrie is based on a novel by Stephen KingCarrie is based on a novel by Stephen KingCourtesy of MGM

No.2: Frankenweenie

When it comes to monsters, Frankenstein is probably at the top of your list, but Frankenweenie is the story of young Victor, a junior scientist who decides to bring his beloved dog back to monstrous results! 

FrankenweenieFrankenweenieCourtesy of Disney

No.1: The Addams Family & The Addams Family Values

Is there any family that more perfectly captures the spirit of Halloween than The Addams Family? For them, gothic isn't just a style, it's a complete way of life, but despite this they are determined to fit in whereever they go. Watch both The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values as a darkly funny double bill!

The Addams Family take gothic to a new levelThe Addams Family take gothic to a new levelCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice Lol
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Attie9 wrote:

I hate scary movies and have never seen one
commented: Sun Nov 24, 2013

On the 24th Dec 2012, The Nightmare Before Christmas was on and I watched it but not th...
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