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The Nut Job: Character Bios & Animated Squirrel Pictures

Apr 07, 2014

Be prepared for one squirrelly adventure in the action-packed comedy, The Nut Job, starring Will Arnett as Surly, a mischievous squirrel on a mission to prove himself. The Nut Job comes to Blu-ray 3D and DVD on April 15th, 2014, from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

In anticipation for the home release check out these adorable animated Squirrel images!

Adorable Squirrel GIF's

Courtesy of WiffleGif

Courtesy of Gif Bin

Courtesy of TheDaintySquid


Courtesy of The 99 Cent Chef

Courtesy of The 99 Cent Chef

Courtesy of memyselfandela

The Nut Job Character Bios:


Underneath the “fluff” exterior is a sarcastic rogue squirrel who distrusts everything that breathes. With a no-holds-barred attitude, it is every rodent for himself. From an early age, Surly has constantly been searching for opportunities and dishonest methods to pull off his schemes. His jaded past has made this “tough nut to crack” an outcast, but nonetheless the ultimate survivor. Despite his deceitfulness and lies, Surly does demonstrate that he has a bit of a conscience. Quick as a whip and quick on his paws, this stubborn rodent rises above the rules, outrages his community and believes love is for chumps … that is until he meets the heroine Andie.

Surly, Buddy and PreciousSurly, Buddy and Precious


Buddy is Surly’s little rat “brother”, partner in crime and endearing side-kick. With his innate innocence, Buddy eagerly performs any stunt demanded of him without objecting or considering the consequences. He is accustomed to the unbridled surliness of Surly and Buddy’s acceptance and tolerance levels are exceeded only by his dimwittedness. Although he is a little naïve and too trusting, his heart is always in the right place even when he gets repeatedly duped into Surly's schemes – which continuously go awry. This gentle, quiet and grubby rat is the only gullible partner Surly can rely upon. Buddy is as “nutty as a fruitcake” but is the friend that saves Surly from Surly.



Grayson is a good-natured and likeable narcissist. Torn between his mirror and adoring fans, this grey squirrel is easily the most handsome, witty, charming and brilliant guy that he’s ever met. Although in reality he is quite dense, he lends his polished good looks and athletic abilities to rescue those in need. This grey squirrel may appear to be the overall package – however, it becomes quite evident that this self-absorbed aspiring leader has more than a few “nuts and bolts” loose.


With her compassionate heart, radiating warmth, intelligence and nurturing disposition, it’s easy to see why the entire park has faith, trust and confidence in Andie. Everyone that is, except for Surly. The amount of care she puts into her work is commendable. Whether it’s saving lives, solving riddles or lending a helping hand, this red squirrel excels at everything she takes on. The trouble is Andie is becoming a workaholic. Although she is content as one of Raccoon’s key delegates, her deepest desire is for everyone to get along. The paths that Andie chooses to take could leave her in peril, or it could lead this beloved auburn squirrel to be in charge of the park that she’s already “nuts about”.



King’s mutt that looks intimidating but can’t hurt a fly. She has a lot of licks to spare, and wants nothing but to be accepted and loved. Loyal to whomever has the dog whistle, Precious will do whatever it takes to never set her paw back into the pound.

Precious the lovable pupPrecious the lovable pupCourtesy of


A groundhog team of twins, Jimmy and Johnny, and an older sister Jamie. She is the shortest of the trio, yet maintains leadership ranking. Jimmy and Johnny are sort of meat-heads, requiring the control of their sister or they would end up squabbling endlessly.

Jimmy and Johnny, and an older sister JamieJimmy and Johnny, and an older sister Jamie

The Nut Job Trailer





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Who is your favorite character from The Nut Job?

  • Surly
  • Buddy
  • Grayson
  • Andie

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