Into The Storm Movie Review

Into The Storm Movie Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Aug 08, 2014
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

Get blown away with Kidzworld’s review of the new natural disaster film Into the Storm!

By: Lynn Barker

When several young men get behind cameras to document doings in their lives, little do they know that a life-changing mega-storm is coming their way. An exciting shoot is a goal for all of them but nobody is ready for the destructive tornado fest of the century!

Allison almost sucked upAllison almost sucked upCourtesy of Warner Bros.

An Ordinary Day

It’s high school graduation day in small Silverton, Oklahoma and brothers Trey (Nathan Kress) and Donnie (Max Deacon) are supposed to spend the day recording “time capsule” statements from the teens and locals. “What would you tell yourself 25 years from now?” Donnie had rather be with his crush Kaitlyn (Alycia Debnam-Carey). With Trey’s encouragement, he offers to reshoot some footage she’s lost for an environmental doc she is doing leaving Trey to record graduation.

Trey (Nathan Kress) and Donnie (Max Deacon) outside schoolTrey (Nathan Kress) and bro Donnie (Max Deacon) outside schoolCourtesy of Warner Bros.


Also in the area are professional storm chasers trying to shoot a film. They’ve had no luck getting near a tornado and their funds are about to be pulled. If meteorologist Allison (“Walking Dead’s” Sarah Wayne Callies) can’t find a good storm soon, they are out of business. Novice cameraman Jacob (Jeremy Sumpter) is a little frightened by the prospect of shooting a tornado at ultra-close range but his pal storm chaser Daryl (Arlen Escarpeta) keeps telling him he’ll love it.

Trey inside the TitusTrey (Nathan Kress) inside the TitusCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Out in the backwoods, two yahoo “Jackass” types are doing stunts and hoping to get lots of hits on YouTube. When word gets out that a big storm is coming and they spot the “real” storm chasers, they are off in pursuit. The professional chasers in their souped-up “Titus” tank, think a huge tornado is headed Silverton way.

Chasers to the rescueChasers to the rescueCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Back to School

The outdoor graduation is taking place and Trey is shooting it. His dad Gary (Richard Armitage, the Vice-Principal of the school) doesn’t think he’s up to it and is mad that Donnie disappeared. Donnie and Kaitlyn are at an abandoned paper mill documenting all the toxic chemicals left behind. The tornado hits the school with big damage. Gary calls Donnie and learns he’s at the paper mill before the phones cut out.

Everybody shoot!Everybody shoot!Courtesy of Warner Bros.

To the Rescue

Trey and dad Gary try to get to Donnie and Kaitlyn who have fallen into a hole below the mill floor that water from the storm is filling fast. The two yahoos are clueless to the fact that a tornado, or is it two or three now, can kill them. The pros are recording footage when they have to rescue Gary and Trey and all take shelter in a church while the 300 mph winds are tossing huge planes at the airport and launching them into the air like toys. Can the group reach Donnie and Kaitlyn before they drown? Will young Jacob record the storm of the century? Will the two local jokers get their YouTube mega-hit? Will the real storm chasers survive and get their footage?

Kaitlyn and Donnie as the storm waters riseKaitlyn and Donnie as the storm waters riseCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Wrapping Up

Into the Storm looks amazing. If you remember the movie Twister, take that and multiply it by about 6. Special effects have come a long way in 20 years. Although the characters are all pretty stereotypical to this type of film, you can probably relate to at least one of them and know young people like all of the younger leads. The two “Jackass” fans who want fame on YouTube are obviously added on for comic relief and, at times, they’re funny but very, very predictable. All of the actors do a fine job in the film even if you have seen their characters before.

Hanging on for dear life!Hanging on for dear life!Courtesy of Warner Bros.

After a quick, unexpected, pretty exciting opening, the film is slow for at least the first third of the short 90 minute running time but once Mother Nature unleashes twisters that catch on fire, you are in for a thrill ride. The fun armored “Titus” tank used by the storm chasers is cool. Why didn’t somebody think of this before; a chaser vehicle that can anchor itself into the ground so it’s never sucked up by a twister?

Storm chaser Pete inside the TitusStorm chaser Pete inside the TitusCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Maybe a more original setting and more unique characters would have better held interest until the effects take over but at least you get to care about these people before they meet their fates and that’s a good thing. We’d give the actual storm sequences 4 stars and the rest of the film a 3. Since we can only pick one rating number….3…plus.

Into The Storm Movie Rating:3

Into The Storm PosterInto The Storm PosterCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Into The Storm is in theaters now!




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