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A World of Street Food

Sometimes you're walking down the street and you just need a snack. In North America, hot dog stands have traditionally been the most common street food, and who hasn't had one at some time or another? Recently, food trucks offering a wide variety of cuisines have been popping up all over big cities, but street food in the United States and Canada is still a long way from where it is in other countries around the world. Make it a goal to try some of these amazing foods next time you go on an international adventure!


Street food is incredibly popular in the Chinese city of Hong Kong. There is an intense array of food available for quick and easy purchase; you can buy everything from chicken feet, pig intestines, and egg tarts. One of Hong Kong's favorite street snacks is curry fish balls, made with fish, flour, and any number of other ingredients. Sounds good to me!

Curry fish balls aren't the only great street food to be found in Hong Kong!Curry fish balls aren't the only great street food to be found in Hong Kong!Courtesy of Mei Chi


There are plenty of street food options to be found throughout India, where everything from sugary sweet candies to curry pancakes are readily available. One of the most common street foods in India (particularly in the northern part of the country) is aloo tikki, which is basically a deep fried potato ball mixed with spices. It can be served with many different condiments, including chutney. 

Delicious aloo tikki frying at a vendor's stall in India. Delicious aloo tikki frying at a vendor's stall in India. Courtesy of Huffington Post


A lot people think exclusively of sushi when they imagine Japanese cuisine, but there is a lot more to it than that. Oden, a type of stew frequently made with fish cakes and boiled eggs, is a very popular dish that can often be found at street vendor stalls and even bubbling away in convenience stores. 

Check out this Japanese comfort food!Check out this Japanese comfort food!Courtesy of Mori Chan


There are a lot of different types of street food in the French capital of Paris, from kebabs to dim sum. If you're looking for a more traditional French meal, though, be sure to hit up a crepe stand. Crepes are very thin pancakes that can be served sweet or savory with fillings like melted chocolate, lemon sugar, cheese, or ham. 

Now you have some ideas for kinds of food you may want to try should you find yourself in any of the above countries. Part of the reward of travel is experiencing new languages, cultures, and cuisines. You can learn so much by exploring new places! If you don't have the chance to travel so far, you may even be able to find some of these dishes at restaurants in your area. Enjoy!

Enjoying a crepe in the park - what a great way to spend an afternoon!Enjoying a crepe in the park - what a great way to spend an afternoon!Courtesy of Scott Kelby

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