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How to Prevent Forest Fires

May 03, 2016

As the summer gets hotter and drier, forest fires become a very real problem for many communities. Due to weather changes around the world, even typically rainy areas are in danger of drought due to lack of precipitation. As the grass and plants in an area dry out, it becomes possible for even a small stray spark to start a fire. This is especially important to keep in mind during a camping adventure, as campfires are the leading cause of forest and grass fires. Here are some tips for fire safety!

Camp Safely!

Summer is a great time to camp. The weather is clear, and lots of campsites feature shady trees and perhaps even a convenient water hole or two. It can be cool at night, though, and you need heat to cook your food, so most campers enjoy a campfire as it gets dark. Most campsites allow fires, but it's your job to make sure that you are being safe. 

There's nothing like camping near a lake or ocean!There's nothing like camping near a lake or ocean!Courtesy of sunset.com

Check the Laws!

One thing you can do to ensure safety is to make sure that campfires are allowed in your area. We automatically think of campfires when we go camping, but when an area is in severe drought conditions, campfires may actually be outlawed due to fire danger. 

Choose Your Site!

If a campfire is allowed, be sure to carefully set it up. You will need to clear the area within at least three meters of where you will be having your fire. You will also need to set up a rock circle around where the fire will be; this can help to prevent any loose sparks from escaping and catching on grass or leaves nearby. You must also be very careful to tend your fire. Do not leave the fire unattended, even for a moment. A fire can get out of control very quickly if conditions are hot and dry. Another tip for fire safety is to keep at least one pail of water nearby. You may also want to camp close to a hose or water source, and be sure to know how long it will take you to reach that source in case of fire. 

Learn how to make a safe campfire!Learn how to make a safe campfire!Courtesy of TourismKit

Put it Out!

When you put your fire out before bed or after eating, make sure that you use water to douse it. Even with water or smothering, some sparks may still remain. It is up to you to carefully monitor the fire as it is being put out to be sure that it is completely dead. 

Now that you have some tips for fire safety when camping, you can relax and enjoy telling scary stories around the campfire. Have a safe summer!

Sleep well in your tent tonight!Sleep well in your tent tonight!Courtesy of Care 2

Have Your Say!

Do you have any tips that you can share for making a camping trip fun and safe? 



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Section Eight (the final installment. Thank you guys for your constant support! I know this didn't take long to write, but only because I've had such fun with it!) A week passed. Kishinuma was still mourning over the loss of Ayumi... He spent most of his time alone. He wasn't going to school or work, and he wasn't allowing visitors... Not even his dear younger sister. Late at night, he would cry and scream. "S-Shinozaki... I... I should've told you..." And then he would pause. "...How much you meant to me..." It was going to take a while for him to get himself back together. However, if there was anything Satoshi Mochida knew, it was that his best friend WOULD get back to it. Mayu confronted him one day, and he just offered a small smile. "No need to worry about Yoshiki. He's a strong guy. It'll take time, but I know he'll be just fine." As for what they did with the body... Morishige got a hold of her family and asked what he should do. "Oh... Cremation? I suppose I can handle that..." He did as he was told and burned the corpse. It oddly didn't faze him. "How strange... Seeing the corpse of someone I knew... And I'm not bothered at all." He decided to shrug it off. He had something else to do now. Morishige made his way to a regular park bench. This is where he had been told to wait. "Mayu... She's running late. That's unlike her..." Regardless, he remained calm and waited patiently for Mayu to arrive. She did within half an hour. "Sorry I'm late, Shig! I had some issues with traffic! There are more people around here than normal." He couldn't help but smile. "It's alright. You made it, and that's all that matters." She returned the smile and clinged onto his arm. She couldn't help it... It was a habit. "So... Shig... What did you want to talk about?" His gaze was at the sky when he began speaking. "...I just wanted to thank you." "Huh? What for?" "Last week... You literally saved me life. If you hadn't followed me, I would've died for sure. And... That means a lot to me... And it means even more that it was you..." "...What do you mean by that?" "...I wasn't frightened or anything... Just lonely. Uh..." "Oooo, whaaaaat?" He felt his face get red again. "...I was just... Uhhh... Ahhh..." "Hehe, it's okay, Shig! I know what you're thinking... Don't worry, though. I know how you feel!" "...Y-you do?" "Yeah... Because the reason I came after you is the exact same thing! I was thinking about you the entire time... And I wanted to save you for a change... I had this feeling in my gut... That you were in danger... So I trusted it." "...O-oh... W-well... I'm really glad you did, Mayu. Thanks..." "You're we--" Before she could finish, she was interrupted by a tingling sensation. What was happening...? Her eyes focused again and she noticed Morishige, and how he was a lot closer than normal... Oh. She figured it out quickly. His lips were against hers, and her face got warm. She then returned it, and it only lasted a few more seconds. But she enjoyed it. He pulled away, and his face was redder than ever before. She couldn't help but laugh. "Shig, your face is really red!" "...Gah...! I'm sorry...!" "What's there to be sorry about? Are you assuming I hated it?" "Um... Y-yes..." "Hehe, well... You're wrong this time!" "...Heh." After that, they didn't really say anything. They just sat on the bench for a long while... and this time, he grabbed a hold of her arm, too. Meanwhile, Kizami bled so badly from Mayu's punches that he died. Satoshi continued to try to cheer Yoshiki up, until it eventually worked. Ms. Yui continued doing her job as normal, but she felt like there was a hole in her heart without a student... Seiko silently grieved. But she had Naomi to keep her company, and that's all she could really ask for. The end. (I guess this turned out being a mix of Mayushige and Ayushiki fanfiction. Let's just say my plans totally changed since I started, but I don't regret it! Once again, thank you and I hope you liked it!)
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