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How to Become a Radio DJ

Sep 22, 2015

Being a radio disc jockey (DJ) is one of the coolest jobs out there, and the best thing about it is that anyone can strive for this career! A DJ is an on-air personality who chooses and plays music, attends events, and promotes their radio station. Some DJs may also focus on news or sports reporting. If you're interested in becoming a DJ, read on to find out how! 

Do I Want to be a DJ?

  • There are a lot of skills you can learn on your way to becoming a radio DJ, but it might be a good idea to think first about whether or not it's the right job for you.
  • Are you outgoing, friendly, and willing to work all hours?
  • These are skills you'll probably need in order to be happy as a DJ.
  • If you're more into studying languages, computer technology, or doing science experiments, this may not be the career for you. 

Is being a DJ right for you? Is being a DJ right for you? Courtesy of Alamy

Get Studying!

  • Most stations require their DJs to have an undergraduate degree or diploma in broadcast journalism or communications.
  • In these programs you'll learn things like broadcast writing, news reporting, research, and speech.
  • One of the very best parts of heading into educational programs like these, though, is the many valuable contacts you'll be making in the industry.
  • By maintaining contact with your fellow graduates, you'll be in touch with loads of up-and-comers in your field! 

You can learn all about the radio controls when you go to schoolYou can learn all about the radio controls when you go to schoolCourtesy of lewisu.edu

Get Practical Experience!

  • Though you definitely need your university credentials, getting practical experience in broadcast journalism is arguably the most important step on your way to becoming a radio DJ.
  • You'll need to learn the ins and outs of working in a real radio station.
  • Sometimes, the only way to do this is to accept an internship, which might mean that you'll be working for free.
  • It'll be worth it, though - by the time you apply for paying jobs, you'll have enough experience that you'll be able to settle in well.
  • Think about looking for internships at your college radio station!

Get an internship at your college radio station for some great experience!Get an internship at your college radio station for some great experience!Courtesy of Foreign Exchange

Get Working!

  • Once you're ready for a job at a radio station, you might find yourself applying for positions that are not on air.
  • Even if your goal is to be a DJ, it's possible that you'll have to pay your dues and learn how the station works by experiencing other parts of putting on a radio show.
  • This is a good thing! The more you know about a radio station, the better you'll be able to do your dream job once it comes along!

Being a DJ could be a great way to meet famous people! Being a DJ could be a great way to meet famous people! Courtesy of defpenradio.com

Being a radio DJ could be a fun, rewarding career. If you have a passion for music, journalism, and/or public speaking, this could be the perfect thing for you to do! With a little hard work, there's nothing to stop you from achieving this dream! 

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Best Thing About Being a Radio DJ?

  • Getting to call the shots.
  • Playing the tunes you dig.
  • Working in the music industry.
  • Getting to interview celebs.

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