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The Most Festive Places in the World

Dec 04, 2016

Some people celebrate Christmas and some do not. Some celebrate just a little bit and other celebrate a lot! You'll be amazed at how far some places take their Christmas celebrations; check out some of the most festive places in the whole world! 

Rovaniemi, Finland

  • Finns contest that Rovaniemi, located in northern Finland, is Santa's true home. With its snowy landscape forested with pine trees, it's hard to argue their point!
  • At this time of year, visitors to Rovaniemi can take a sleigh ride through a genuine reindeer farm, hang out with Santa and Mrs. Claus, and learn all about being an elf at elf school!
  • If you're looking to take your winter holiday experience to the next level, you can even stay at an ice hotel, which is totally made of snow and ice! Good thing you'll have your holiday spirit to keep you nice and warm!

Some say Rovaniemi is Santa's true home!Some say Rovaniemi is Santa's true home!Courtesy of The Times

Manila, the Philippines

  • In the Philippines, Christmas is a BIG deal. In fact, the Christmas season as celebrated in the Philippines is the longest in the world - celebrations often start as early as September and go all the way in to January. 
  • In the Philippines, Christianity is the predominant religion, so most of the Christmas festivities are centered around religious observances. 
  • Christmas Eve is an important evening; people commonly celebrate by attending midnight mass at their local church, followed by a traditional dinner and sometimes presents. 

Paper lanterns are a traditional decoration at this time of the year in the Philippines. Paper lanterns are a traditional decoration at this time of the year in the Philippines. Courtesy of solitarywanderer.com

New York City, USA

  • There's nothing like Christmas in the Big Apple! New York has many magical Christmas traditions, including the lighting of the big tree at Rockefeller Center Plaza. 
  • There's lots of Christmas-themed entertainment to enjoy in NYC; one of the most classic holiday shows is the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, featuring the Rockettes!
  • New York City shops and boutiques really know how to showcase their wares during the holiday season! If you're visiting the city at this time of year, take a little time to just wander the streets and take in the beautifully designed shop windows! 

The big tree at Rockefeller Center is not to be missed!The big tree at Rockefeller Center is not to be missed!Courtesy of blondeonabudget.com

Munich, Germany

  • A lot of our modern Christmas traditions originated in Germany, possibly even the Christmas tree. It's no wonder, then, that Munich really knows how to celebrate the season!
  • The Munich Christmas market dates back to the 1600s!
  • During the holiday season, you might even catch a few locals wearing traditional lederhosen in celebration!
  • Free Christmas concerts are held at the town hall every night, and visitors can even take singing lessons to learn traditional Bavarian Christmas carols!

The Munich Christmas market is one of the oldest in Germany. The Munich Christmas market is one of the oldest in Germany. Courtesy of onestep4ward.com

If you're looking for somewhere to vacation during the holiday season where you can really get the full Christmas experience, look no further than the above destinations! Happy holidays!

Have Your Say!

Does your town or city celebrate Christmas? Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, we'd love to have you share your traditions with us! 



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Best Thing About Christmas Holidays?

  • No school.
  • Lots of presents.
  • Spending time with family and friends.
  • Sleeping in.

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