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Exclusive Preview | DC Superhero Girls Chapter 11

Feb 28, 2017

In the last chapter, Harley and the rest of the superhero girls are shocked when a baby Pterodactyl shows up in the wrong time. As Harley bonds with Bitey, she realizes Bitey needs to return to her original home. The Superhero Girls will be traveling back to the Jurassic Era to make sure Bitey gets home safe! 

The time has come for Harley to return her little dinosaur buddy back to its original home. Will she be able to let go in order to save the future?

The next exciting chapter of the "DC SUPERHERO GIRLS" Ch. 11 is available March 1st!

Exclusive Preview | DC Superhero Girls Ch 11

DC Superhero Girls Chapter 11 CoverDC Superhero Girls Chapter 11 CoverCourtesy of DC Entertainment

Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Courtesy of DC Entertainment
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