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DC Super Hero Girls: Out Of The Bottle Exclusive First Look!

Apr 05, 2017

This new storyline focuses on the crazy antics of the goofy and lovable Harley, as an assignment in art class goes terribly wrong. With deadlines looming, some of the students of Super Hero High decide to stay up and finish their comic book projects for Miss Moone’s art class. As the girls review one another’s work, Harley decides she wants to add something special to hers with help from their teachers’ secret stash of magical paints. But chaos ensues when Harley’s drawings come to life! 

Final cover for DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: OUT OF THE BOTTLEFinal cover for DC SUPER HERO GIRLS: OUT OF THE BOTTLECourtesy of DC Entertainment

The new storyline includes fan-favorite characters Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Katana, Supergirl and more in the Digital First comic series. 

Below are quotes from the creative team:

Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Quote from Writer Shea Fontana:

"Out of the Bottle starts in Ms. June Moone's art class, where the Super Hero High students are working on their comic book projects. In this series, we get to see how some of our girls would make their own comic books. In the first chapter, we go into Katana's comic book, which is incredibly modern and cool, like Katana herself. 

The fun and challenge of these first releases is that I'm writing as a character instead of myself. So, I really have to think about how the characters, like Katana, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Harley, would approach this creative assignment and how their writing voices would differ from their dialogue. How do the characters see themselves and each other? What stories would they write for themselves?  

The art is also really amazing because our artists are creating from that character's POV. Someone like Katana is an incredible artist, while Wonder Woman has a lot of difficulty with art. So, our artists have to put aside their natural artistic ability and draw like someone who can’t draw!" 

Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Quote from artist Agnes Garbowska:

"What do you get when you mix Harley’s lovable mayhem and magic paint? A crazy, whimsical adventure with unique versions of our favourite characters that only the girls from DC Superhero Girls could think of! Expect lots of different art styles as the girls show off their art skills, and also lack of art skills, since they can’t all be good at everything. These art styles will come to life with the help of Harley getting her hands on some magic paint.”

Artwork by Agnes GarbowskaArtwork by Agnes GarbowskaCourtesy of DC Entertainment

Quote from artist Marcelo Di Chiara:

“I think fans can’t wait for a story full of action, fun and new characterizations of known characters. They will be pleasantly surprised on how creative and imaginative this story is. The two best words to describe the new story arc: HARLEY QUINN.”

Artwork by Marcelo Di ChiaraArtwork by Marcelo Di ChiaraCourtesy of DC Entertainment

Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Courtesy of DC Entertainment

Courtesy of DC Entertainment

The first digital chapter will be available April 12, and the other chapters will be available bi-weekly! Chapters are available for download Wednesday via the DC Comics App, Readdcentertainment.com, iBooks, comixology.com, Google Play, Kindle Store and Nook Store

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