April Fool's Day History - Practical Jokes

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Practical Jokes
April Fool's Day History - Practical Jokes - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Mar 31, 2011
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April Fool's Day happens on the first day of April but do you know why we play tricks, gags and practical jokes on one another? Find out here!


We switched our teachers desks.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: redrose13g
Age: 14


Before your parents come home, go to the door they usually come in by and stretch plastic wrap across the frame and when they come home they'll open the door and walk right into it! Get's 'em every time! But make sure it's a door they open towards themselves!
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: pigfanatic
Age: 11


Today in the morning, like at 1 AM, I had a bucket of cold water and a string was tied to it and the other side was tied to my dad's wrist. When he woke up this morning he got a really cold shower. Ha Ha Ha.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: coolwave
Age: 10


I looked serious and said, "Look girl, I heard something real bad about you. Huh uh. They said that they saw you picking your nose and wiping it all over the place. Even in your food and ate it. APRIL FOOL!"
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: Jameslover
Age: 13


Take out the centers of some oreo cookies and fill it up with white toothpaste. Tell someone it's new mint flavoured oreos and be sure to have a real oreo in case they ask you to eat one too! It really works... He He He.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: hiphop_stace12
Age: 16


Does your mom or dad use see-through plastic shampoo?

  • Plastic wrap
  • Elastic band

Sneak into the bathroom. See the see-through plastic shampoo bottle? Is it full of shampoo? Good. Unscrew the lid of the shampoo bottle. put the plastic wrap around the open part of the bottle. Tie the elastic band around the plastic wrap. Your parents will wonder what happened to the shampoo! Huh? what? Huh? IT'S CLOGGED! Until they open it and find out there's plastic wrap around it!
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: Dragon Queen :P :)
Age: 14


This really works but you can't be snickering in the background before it happens. If you have a sink with a squirting extension, it will work. Have the attachment facing where a person usually stands when they turn on the sink. Tie a very tight elastic band around the engaging switch. Make sure the rubber band works. Wait for a victim. They won't know what hit 'em.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: classclown
Age: 14


I just mixed up eight-spoonfuls of chili powder in a bottle of water so that it looked like the popular orange drink. I took another bottle full of water and dissolved 10 spoonfuls of salt in it. Just in case anyone felt the chili-mixture was too hot, the "water" would cool them down!
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: koolyo
Age: 15


First you have to know a friend's locker combination. This can be done if you go to the office or something among those lines, then say your name is your friend's whose locker you're trying to prank. Then say you forgot your locker combination and they'll tell you. Open the locker and fill it all the way to the top with balls of paper, at the top put water ballons in it. When you watch, try not to act too obvious. This prank rocked. Try it yo'.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: mrbizzou
Age: 16


The next time you have a sleepover, stay up late until one or all of your friends fall asleep. As soon as they are asleep get some shaving cream or whipped cream. Put the cream on the palm of their hand. Start tickling their face, then wait and watch how they react! Signing off this is G-UNIT MAN.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: G-UNIT MAN
Age: 15


My dad came home one day and told me that he found somebody that sold horses. He did this knowing I love horses and I freaked out running around the house saying "I got a horse!" Until he finally told me, "April fools!"
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: Phantom2005
Age: 13

Have you played an April Fool's joke on someone and want to share the laugh? Maybe you know a couple of good tricks. Or maybe you were the victim of a good prank? Tell us your best practical joke and how it went below!

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donnabug13 wrote:

ive done all of them
commented: Fri Jul 19, 2013


danny811 wrote:

change parents hair die trust its funny! x
commented: Sat Apr 06, 2013

Lol that was so funny !! Hehe c;
commented: Fri Apr 05, 2013

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Perfect April Fools' Prank?

  • One where everyone has a good laugh.
  • When your victim never knows it was you who pulled it off.
  • As long as I get a good laugh, it's perfect.
  • The perfect prank is between you and the victim.

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