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Yu-Gi-Oh! Eternal Duelists Soul 'M-1' Game Cheats

Here's another page of game cheat codes for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul for Gameboy Advance. If you want to unlock cards that begin with 'A' through 'L', click the links below. This is the first page for all the 'M' codes! These video game cheat codes will let you unlock powerful cards so you can stomp the opposition and they're all courtesy of Kidzworld member B. Skull Dragon.

Card / Code

Mabarrel - 98795934
Machine Conversion Factory - 25769732
Machine King - 46700124
Magic Jammer - 77414722
Magic Thorn - 53119267
Magical Ghost - 46474915
Magical Hats - 81210420
Magical Labyrinth - 64389297
Magic-Arm Shield - 96008713
Magician of Faith - 31560081
Maha Vailo - 93013676
Maiden of the Moonlight - 79629370
Major Riot - 09074847
Malevolent Nuzzler - 99597615
Mammoth Graveyard - 40374923
Man Eater - 93553943
Man-Eater Bug - 54652250
Man-Eating Black Shark - 80727036
Man-Eating Plant - 49127943
Man-Eating Treasure Chest - 13723605
Manga Ryu-Ran - 38369349
Marine Beast - 29929832
Masaki the Legendary Swordsman - 44287299
Mask of Darkness - 28933734
Masked Sorcerer - 10189126
Master & Expert - 75499502
Mavelus - 59036972
Mechanical Snail - 34442949
Mechanical Spider - 45688586
Mechanicalchaser - 07359741
Meda Bat - 76211194
Mega Thunderball - 21817254
Megamorph - 22046459
Megazowler - 75390004
Meotoko - 53832650
Mesmeric Control - 48642904
Messenger of Peace - 44656491
Metal Detector - 75646520
Metal Dragon - 09293977
Metal Fish - 55998462
Metal Guardian - 68339286
Metalmorph - 68540058
Metalzoa - 50705071


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Fave Yu-Gi-Oh! Expansion?

  • I dig the original Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon.
  • Metal Raiders is the Yu-Gi-Oh! expansion for me.
  • Magic Ruler is my fave - go Toons!
  • Pharaoh's Servant is the best expansion ever.

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