Facts About the Clown Fish (pg. 2)

Who Are the Enemies of the Clown Fish?

The enemies of the clown fish are sharks, sting rays and other fish. However, their biggest enemy now is people who saw the movie, Finding Nemo and want clown fish for their aquariums because they think clown fish are super cool.

Owning & Keeping a Clown Fish like Nemo

Most pet stores now sell clown fish. They cost around $15 each but can be very expensive to keep. Since the natural habitat of the clown fish is the ocean, they need to live in a salt water tank, which can cost several hundred dollars to set up. You should also only buy clown fish as an individual or a mated pair - otherwise they are likely to fight each other over territory. Caring for clown fish can be a lot of work, so if you're thinking of buying one, make sure you check carefully with a good pet store about everything you need to get a healthy aquarium started. If you'd like to get your clown fish fix without doing much work, just watch Finding Nemo again when it comes out on DVD, or play the video game.

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What Kind Of Fish Is Nemo?

  • Nemo and his dad are flounders.
  • Nemo is a guppy.
  • Nemo is totally a clownfish.
  • Nemo is definitely an angler.

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