Bill Goldberg Biography

Professional wrestler, Bill Goldberg, is a WWE and WCW champion.
Bill Goldberg

He's gone from knocking down quarterbacks on the football field to body-slamming opponents in the wrestling ring. Kidzworld has the 411 on WWE superstar, Goldberg.

Goldberg Growing Up

The real name of the wrestling superstar known as Goldberg is William Scott Goldberg. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on December 27, 1966. Goldberg never really liked wrestling when he was a kid, but he loved football. He was on his high school team in Tulsa and received a scholarship to play football for the University of Georgia Bulldogs in 1985. Goldberg was a starting lineman for four years with the Dogs and was named to the Junkyard Dog Club for being one of the team's top defensive players.

Goldberg Hits the Field

In 1990, Goldberg was drafted by the LA Rams of the National Football League. Goldberg went to the team's training camp but was cut before the start of the season. Goldberg played two years with the Sacramento Surge in the World League of American Football before he made it to the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons in 1992. Goldberg played just 14 games in the NFL before an abdominal injury forced him to call it quits in 1994.

Goldberg Steps In The Ring

With his football career over, Goldberg decided to see if he could make some noise in the wrestling ring. Goldberg began training in martial arts and started working out at the WCW's wrestling training school. In 1997, Goldberg stepped into the ring for the first time and the wrestling world was changed forever. Over the next few months, Goldberg body-slammed, jack-hammered and absolutely dominated everyone who dared to step into the ring with him. Goldberg won over 102 matches in a row and defeated Hulk Hogan in 1998 to win the WCW World Title. His first loss came when Kevin Nash blindsided him with an electric taser gun. (That's the story anyway - we all know wrestling's not totally real.)

Goldberg The Legend

In 2001, Goldberg moved to the WWE where his legend has grown. Goldberg has crushed numerous opponents with his signature moves, the Spear and the Jackhammer Suplex, and is now hoping to get a shot at the WWE Title. To find out when Goldberg will next be stepping in the ring, head to

Goldberg - Did U Know?
  • When he was in high school, Goldberg once wolfed down a 38-ounce steak before a football game because he thought it would give him an extra boost. On the first play of the game, Goldberg puked up that same big chunk of cow.
  • Goldberg's dad, Jed, was a doctor. His mom, Ethel, played violin for the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra.
  • Goldberg's favorite saying is, "Who's Next?" which he says whenever he's just defeated an opponent.

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