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Nasty Boil

A 24 year-old girl is on vacation in Hawaii, enjoying the warm ocean, a few rays and eyeballing the tanned guys. Because she is on vacation and doesn't have a schedule, she spends most of her time tanning on the beach.

Early one afternoon, while lying on a towel soaking up some rays, she falls asleep. A spider starts crawling up her arm, across her shoulders, up her neck and onto her face. She doesn't feel a thing. Not even when it bites her on the bottom lip.

Later on that day she notices a small sore on her lip, but thinks nothing of it. She starts to worry when it begins to grow into a great big nasty boil. The boil still isn't healed after getting home a few days later. In fact, it seems to be still growing. Upset, she makes a doctor's appointment. When the doctor sees her, he pierces the boil. Dozens of tiny spiders burst forth, scattering across the girls face, down her neck and into her hair. It seems the spider on the beach laid eggs under her skin!

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