TrackMania Sunrise: Free PC Game Demo

Get this free racing game demo and test drive TrackMania Sunrise!
Courtesy of Digital Jester

The insanely fast racing action of TrackMania Sunrise is here and it's ready for you to jump behind the wheel and take it for a spin! This video game can get you going as fast as 250 miles an hour as you scream along west-coast race tracks in your fave race car. If that sounds like fun, then we have even better news cuz the free PC game demo of TrackMania Sunrise is available for you to download. Here's the scoop on the game and how to play it for free!

TrackMania Sunrise Racing Game 411

It's a racing game so you'll be flyin' down streets at speeds that could peel the hair off of a dog and mess up your math teacher's toupe. Plus, it's loaded with crazy jumps, mid-air 360s and a puzzle mode for drivers with truly insane skills. What it doesn't have though is any car-vs-car smashing. You can drive right through everybody else, just watch out for obstacles!

Downloading the Free TrackMania Sunrise Game Demo

The key to this game's ignition is waitin' for ya and here's how to get it.
  • 1. Click Here and a new page will pop up.
  • 2. Click the "3D Gamers" link in the middle of the page.
  • 3. Click the grey "Download" button.
  • 4. On this page, click the "tmsunrisedemo_setup.exe" link.
  • 5. Now, click on a "Download" button with a US flag next to it. If you get a "Server Already at Maximum Capacity" warning then click the "Back" button in your browser and try a different Download button.
  • 6. When the new page loads, wait a second and you'll be asked what to do with a file - save it to your Desktop.
  • 7. Now it's time for the 215 MB game demo to download. It's going to take a while so check your oil, grab a sandwich and get ready for some crazy racing!
  • 8. When it's finished downloading, double-click the file to install the game.
  • 9. Now that it's installed, double-click it to play TrackMania Sunrise!
  • TrackMania Sunrise PC System Requirements

    Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
    Processor: PIII 1 GHz required, P4 2 GHz recommended.
    RAM: 256 MB RAM.
    Hard Drive: 1 GB free space.
    Video Card: 32MB required, 64MB recommended.
    Sound: DirectX 9 compatible sound card.

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