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Biggest Contributors to Modern Communication

Our world is one heck of a technologically advanced place - but it didn't start out that way. Read on and learn about the inventors who made huge contributions to the field of communications.

Johannes Gutenberg

A German goldsmith named Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press (a printing machine with moveable letters and characters) in 1455. Before this invention, everything had to be written out by hand, which could take many years. But the printing press made it possible to produce books quickly and cheaply. This greatly impacted society by allowing everyone, including the poor, to have access to books and other literary works of art.

Christopher Latham Sholes

In 1867, C.L. Shores, an American mechanical engineer, invented the modern-day typewriter with the help of his friends and business partners, Carlos Glidden and Samuel Soul




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Essential High-Tech Device?

  • My cell phone - I use it 24/7!
  • I can't live without my computer and Internet access.
  • I need to be tuned in to the TV.
  • My MP3 player goes wherever I go.

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