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Nintendogs - Nintendo DS Video Game Review

Nintendogs - Nintendo DS Video Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 1 Star Rating)

Get the scoop on Nintendogs, the virtual puppy game for Nintendo DS, with our game review!

The virtual puppy video game is here! Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS starts you off with adopting your very own puppy. You can take it home, play with it, feed it, bathe it, train it, enter it in dog competitions and even meet your friends' [kwlink]Nintendogs[/kwlink] with the Nintendo DS' wireless connection. Does it sound too good to be true? Here's our game review!

Nintendogs - Virtual Puppy Fun Facts

This game makes puppies a ton of fun with none of the mess of a real-life pooch! For starters, the puppies are so cute you'll want to pull them off the screen and give 'em a hug. You can talk to them and teach them tricks with the DS microphone, take them for walks around a virtual neighborhood where you can find bonus items and meet other puppies with the multiplayer mode, compete to win prizes and points, collect more puppies, build a bigger house to play in and more. The best part is that Nintendogs gives you a puppy you can play with whenever you want - on the bus, at lunch or anywhere else. Too cool.

Nintendogs - Virtual Puppy Snoozefest

The weakest thing about Nintendogs is that you can't obsess about it for hours on end cuz your puppy will get tired and call it quits. This can be a real pain when you first get Nintendogs and want to play with your puppy for hours.

Nintendogs - Virtually Cool?

Nintendogs is more than cool, it's incredible! The puppies are life-like, lovable and cute. They're perfect if you can't have a real dog, or if you just want more fuzzy bundles of joy in your life. Nintendogs is a great way to spend an hour or so every day playing a very cool game.

Nintendogs Thumbs Up:

  • A mess-free puppy!
  • Very lifelike and fun.
  • Unlock extra puppies.
  • Teach your puppy voice commands.
  • Play with your friends through the wireless connection.
  • Perfect if you live somewhere and can't get a real puppy.
  • Nintendogs Thumbs Down:

  • Your puppy gets tired fairly quickly.
  • Nintendogs Video Game Rating:

    1I wish you could drive in a car with them that would be so cool!

    Kidz Submit by:

    Nickname: jessemccartneyisnumberone
    Age: 14
    Rating: 5

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    Do You Want a Puppy?

    • Yeah, they're so cute!
    • Yup, but they make too much mess.
    • No, I prefer cats.
    • Yes, I want a Nintendog!

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