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Legendary Dragon & Dazzling Dolphin Toy Kit Review

Legendary Dragon & Dazzling Dolphin Toy Kit Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Mar 27, 2007
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Build and decorate a legendary dragon or a cute dolphin with these puzzle kits. We review them here.

The Legendary Dragon and Dazzling Dolphin Puzz-a-Model kits from Creativity for Kids are part puzzle and part model. You build them like a 3D puzzle, then paint and decorate them. The dragon is a massive beast with flaming breath that’s perfect for hanging from the ceiling in your bedroom. The dolphin is smaller, easier to make and would love to chill next to a fish tank. It takes skill to build them though - the dragon is definitely a project for the whole family. If you dig building model kits with your parents, these are cool, but they’re too fragile to play with.

Legendary Dragon and Dazzling Dolphin - Thumbs Up

  • The dragon is perfect for hanging from the ceiling in your room.
  • Paint it any way you want!
  • Great family project.
  • Legendary Dragon and Dazzling Dolphin - Thumbs Down

  • The dragon is hard to build!
  • They’re fragile.
  • Legendary Dragon Kit Rating: 3
    Age: 10 and up.
    Price Range: 2

    Dazzling Dolphin Kit Rating: 4
    Age: 8 and up.
    Price Range: 2

    Price Range Legend
    $0-$15 = 1
    $16-$30 = 2
    $31-$45 = 3
    $46-$60 = 4
    $60+ = 5

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