Ecco the Dolphin :: Dreamcast Game Review

Ecco - Dolphin hero, mammal and part time NASCAR driver.
Courtesy of Sega
Chilling by the rocks.
Courtesy of Sega
Catching a tan in Hawaii
Courtesy of Sega

Ecco the Dolphin is a courageous hero and one of the defenders of humanity. He's chillin' and relaxin' when suddenly an evil force named Foe attacks the Earth and destroys the dolphins' guardian crystal - destroying the source of the dolphins power. With the crystal scattered across the world and Foe attacking, it's up to Ecco to save the day by solving puzzles, fighting alien beasts and traveling through time.

Ecco the Dolphin Video Game Graphics

Pop in Ecco and enjoy the view cuz your Sega Dreamcast has never looked so good. Ecco and his dolphin buddies sound real, look real and nearly smell real. The world they live in is gorgeous. every little detail, from the schools of fish to the huge whales, is perfect. The only problem with the graphics is if the screen gets too crowded, the Dreamcast can't handle it and the graphics start to chug.

Ecco the Dolphin Video Game Good Stuff

Ecco has wicked graphics, cool sound and a serious helping of adventure. The levels are huge and look wicked. Swimming through sunken cities, ancient ships and bizarre worlds will keep you glued to the screen. The story is a little bit weak but the puzzles and action are wicked.

Ecco the Dolphin Video Game Bad News

There are problems though. The biggest problem is that the levels are so big that you end up wasting a lot of time trying to get from A to B. It can be hard to remember what you have to do to pass the level. The other problem is that Ecco is a slow game. It's a puzzle-action game not a straight action game.

Ecco the Dolphin Video Game Summary

If your brain is in the mood for a challenge Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future is definitely worth checking out.

How hard is Ecco the Dolphin?

The controls are a bit tricky and it'll strain your brain. It's definitely difficult.

Ecco the Dolphin Age Rating:

Ecco the Dolphin Thumbs Up:

  • Incredible graphics!
  • Ecco is really lifelike.
  • Lots of puzzles.

  • Ecco the Dolphin Thumbs Down:

  • Slow action.
  • It's hard to figure out what to do next.

  • Ecco the Dolphin Game Rating:

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    What's Ecco the Dolphin's Fave Food?

    • Hot Dogs.
    • Brussel Sprouts.
    • Fish.
    • Ice Cream.

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