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Lil Romeo Contest

Loads of Lil' Romeo fans entered to win a Lil' Romeo prize pack. Ten lucky peeps were randomly drawn from those of you who answered the questions correctly. Are you one of the lucky winners? Check it out.

Yeah, we know - not much info. Well, we have to keep it thin for safety reasons, but no worries, those of you who won are being contacted by email. You probably already know!


Lil' Romeo Contest Winners!
Winner #
#1: Kelly 12
#2: Jasmine 13
#3: Whitney 11
#4: Mea 11
#5: Diana 13
#6: Shandreka 12
#7 T. Love 11
#8: Alexis 12
#9: Samantha 11
#10: Joice ?


The Correct Contest Answers Are:

Who Is Lil' Romeo's Famour Father? Answer:

Master P.

What Color Is Lil' Romeo's Bandana In His Hot New Video? Answer: Actually he sports a few different colors, so any of the following is correct: Red, Blue, or Yellow.

Who Is Older, Lil' Romeo Or Lil' Bow Wow? Answer: Lil'Bow Wow is 14, Lil' Romeo is 11.

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"ValenciaRose" wrote:summerAnd actually the thread gets closed eventually to ultimately declare the winner.  Oh really? I didn't kno w that. Cool. And I don't think anyone gets tired of these games because we all fight and post funny comments. It's fun. And you have to fight to win :D Summer
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Abbergrl posted in Forum Games:
Banned because you were supposed to ban someone but you didn't xd
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