NEO-Shifters Toy Review

Get the scoop on the new NEO Shifter transforming robot toys and the battle between the Paladins and the Templars with our toy review!
Courtesy of MEGA Brands
NEO-Shifters Toy Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Jul 31, 2007
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Get the scoop on the new NEO Shifter transforming robot toys and the battle between the Paladins and the Templars with our toy review!

The latest toys from MEGA Bloks, the NEO Shifters are transforming alien robots from Hydraxx-Tor and Skandar. The good guy Paladins and HTS-infected bad guy Templars are on their way to Earth to battle for water, which is the source of their power. The NEO Shifters are two-part robots - a small NEO and a big Shifter that the NEO controls like a mech. Both can transform into rolling balls but the big Shifters also have light-up faces, launching weapons and a button that makes the NEO robots pop out of their chest. Unfortunately, the kits are a bit hard to build and the rubber-band that makes the wing-discs pop out is flimsy. But, once they're built, NEO Shifters are awesome toys that pose really well and have terrific gripping hands. Plus, they're identical except for different colors so you can mix and match parts to make all kinds of freaky combos.

There are four NEO Shifters right now, two Paladins and two Templars and their battle has just begun. You can follow their story with online webisodes, and get involved in the battle, at their official website. There are also thousands of NEO Shifter events that will be held across the US with secret info, challenges and exclusive NEO Shifters being given away!

  • Check it out at:
  • NEO Shifters - More Warriors!

    Just in time for Christmas, four more NEO Shifter warriors have joined the battle!
  • TERRASFEAR - A black and red Templar mastermind and sniper.
  • MONGRATEK - An orange and grey Templar spy and coordinator.
  • DELTA::TEK - A white and blue Paladin medic and advisor.
  • COZMA::TOR - A blue and gold Paladin bomber and defender.
  • NEO Shifters Hydrax War Videos

    The war between the Paladins and the Templars is coming to Earth! Check out these videos to see how it unfolds.
  • NEO Shifters Video 1 - .wmv file (13MB)
  • NEO Shifters Video 2 - .mpg file (5MB)
  • NEO Shifters Video 3 - .mov file (1.2MB)
  • NEO Shifters Video 4 - .mov file (3MB)
  • NEO Shifters Video 5 - .mov file (2MB)
  • NEO Shifters Video 6 - .mov file (2MB)
  • NEO Shifters Thumbs Up:

  • Super cool looking and they move really well.
  • Sturdy in robot form. Don't play soccer with the ball form though.
  • Cheap - just $10!
  • Join the story online and win prizes at events!
  • The light-up faces are even cooler with the mask off.
  • NEO Shifters Thumbs Down:

  • A bit hard to build.
  • The wing-disc elastic is flimsy.
  • NEO Shifters Rating: 4
    Age: 6 and up.
    Price Range: 1

    Price Range Legend
    $0-$15 = 1
    $16-$30 = 2
    $31-$45 = 3
    $46-$60 = 4
    $60+ = 5

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