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This Week in Sports - December 10-14, 2007

More steroid allegations hit the baseball world as Roger Clemens and others are accused. See what else happened this week!

Sports News - Clemens Named in Steroid Report

Barry Bonds, you've got company! On Thursday, a bombshell was revealed as several of the game's biggest names were accused of steroid use in the Mitchell Report released by the MLB. The Mitchell Report was a 20-month investigation conducted by Senator Majority Leader George Mitchell. The biggest name in this shocking report are legendary pitcher and seven-time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens of the New York Yankees. Among the other players identified of using performance-enhancing drugs include Andy Pettitte, Miguel Tejada and former stars Lenny Dykstra and David Justice. In total, the report names 88 players from the past and present. It is unclear how these allegations will hurt the legacy of some of these players.

Sports News - Vick Sentenced

Once celebrated quarterback Michael Vick received his fate on Tuesday for his involvement in a dog fighting operation. The 28-year-old former NFL superstar was sentenced to 23 months in a federal prison that will start early next year. Last November, Vick plead guilty to the charges after being investigated for several months. In a hand written letter to the judge prior to the ruling, Vick expressed remorse as well as taking full responsibility for his inhumane actions.

Sports News - Kobe Content

Just a few months ago, Kobe Bryant said he wanted out of L.A. so badly, that he would rather play on Pluto. He was also involved in a very public and ugly war of words with Lakers' management and demanded to be traded. Well it turns out that Kobe won't be moving to Pluto anytime soon, as Bryant has stated this week he is happy now. The Lakers are having a good season with their record at 13-8. As of Friday, they have also won four straight games and are very much in the playoff picture. Kobe is averaging 27.3 points per game, which is second best in the NBA.

Notes Around the Sports World

  • Despite not having Greg Oden, the Portland Trailblazers are playing good basketball lately. They have won five games in a row and have an impressive home record of 8-3.
  • The San Francisco Giants signed former Philadelphia Philly center fielder Aaron Rowand to a five-year, $20 million contract on Thursday. The Gold Glove Rowand is coming off a career year where he hit .309 with 27 home runs and 89 RBIs.
  • The Vancouver Canucks are surely missing superstar goalie Roberto Luongo, who has missed the last three games due to a rib injury. The Canucks are 1-2 since his absence.
  • Legendary college basketball coach Lute Olson of the University of Arizona has announced he will sit out the remainder of the season due to personal reasons. Kevin O'Neill is set to temporarily replace the 73-year-old Olson.
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    Punishment for Steroid-Using Players?

    • No punishment - it's their body and it's cool to see lots of home runs.
    • 10 game suspension.
    • One year suspension.
    • Lifetime ban.

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