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From casting calls to summer jobs, resume help to babysitting tips, volunteer opportunities to career advice, Kidzworld has all the information you’re looking for about cool jobs for kids and teens! Find out how to become a star on YouTube, plus get advice about staying safe online, saving your money, starting a band and getting an awesome after-school job.

Kidworth: Teen Entrepreneurs

Kidworth: Teen Entrepreneurs

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business and making money, but worried that you were too young? Now, with a company called Kidworth, that more

Cool Careers: Making a Band

Courtesy of Last Day Lost

Do you want to know how to start a band? Well, Kidzworld has the first steps on the road to a musical more

How To Get An Internship

How To Get An Internship

An internship is a great way to get a jumpstart on your dream job. Let Kidzworld help you get started with How To Get An Internship! more

Cool Careers: Zookeeper

Working at a Zoo

Becoming a zookeeper is great for people who love animals. But it's a demanding job. Click here to find out what it's like to be a more

Casting Call - America's Most Embarrassing Parents

Embarrassed Kid

If your 'rents make you cringe with shame, then get out your video camera - ABC is looking for embarrassing parents! more

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AtomicPond posted in Style:
I`m sure you have had one of those days where you are just so insecure. Or when you just want to complain about how "ugly" you are. Like you wanna say, "Ugh I`m so fat. My stomouch is huge. My butt is too big. Ugh I want a tiny chest !" or "My hair is too frizzy! I`m too short!! UGH I HAVE A STINKIN PIMPLE!!!!!!!" I`m sure you have. I have too. My butt is very large and my thighs are thick (No joke, I mostly wear sweatpants!) and my stomouch isn`t very flat. And what I did (Which you shouldn`t do!) I compared myself to other people. So there is this girl in my class who is super cute. She has long curly hair, an adorble face, small body, and no butt whatsoever. And I looked at her and said "EWWWWWW I`M SO UGLY!" DON`T DO THAT! Just stop comparing yourself to other people. Whether they are your friends, models, relatives etc. etc. But to help you feel better. If you have a big butt. Take a look at the people whp appreciate big bottoms. Like for example Jennifer Lopez started the booty trend and said she likes it better than the small girls. Nikki Minaj actually got implants to make her butt big! And in the song all about that bass, It says having more Booty isn`t bad and being chubby isn`t bad either! And if you have zits and pimples, well thats kinda a part of life!!!!!!! If somone makes fun of you for it tell them. "You probably have had one or you`ll get one. Soooo I dunno what you`re talking about." Okay hope this helped. Probably didn`t.
reply about 1 hour
Starlifeee123 posted in Style:
reply about 2 hours
seane0226 posted in Style:
what about me? :(
reply about 2 hours
Cell phones , Laptops , Tab and many more technological things are useful & very good to us. But equally it's addicting. I think your mom understand that. And how old are you? What will you do with a cellphone now? SMS and etc yeas? Parents should give  these things after 17. Before that , you are too young for cellphones.
reply about 5 hours

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