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Bastille Day Fun Facts!

Bastille Day Fun Facts!

Jul 05, 2016 In the U.S. the country's independence is celebrated on July 4th, and France has a similar holiday just ten days later called Bastille Day! Check out ...read more

Nick Jonas: Last Year Was Complicated Album Review

Nick Jonas: Last Year Was Complicated Album Review

Jun 23, 2016 Nick Jonas' second solo album Last Year Was Complicated dropped this month, and it's packed full of summer jams - find out more in the Kidzworld revie...read more

Top 10 Summer Activities

Top 10 Summer Activities

May 17, 2016 Summer is here, and the weather is hot, hot, hot! But don't let the heat get to you down. Kidzworld lists the top 10 summer activities to keep you act...read more

Fun Ways to Get Fit

Kidzworld can help you have some fun while working out!

Feb 01, 2016 It can feel like a lot of work to eat healthy and get a good amount of exercise, but there are lots of ways to exercise that are much more fun than yo...read more

A New Sonic Game Is In Development

Can we expect Sonic to return this year?

Jun 24, 2016 A New Sonic game is coming sooner than you may think. Check out the rumored release window and more news on Kidzworld!...read more

Nintendo Shows New Zelda Gameplay

The new title is official, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

Jun 23, 2016 Nintendo showed off new footage for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Check out the new gameplay on Kidzworld!...read more

Dwayne Johnson is CIA

Dwayne Johnson is CIA

Jun 15, 2016 In the comedy Central Intelligence, Dwayne the Rock Johnson plays a CIA operative who was overweight and teased in high school. Kidzworld gets comment...read more

All About Sunscreen

Kidzworld teaches you some of the negative and positive effects of sunscreen!

Jun 16, 2016 As the weather gets hot and the sun comes out, it's important to think about applying sunscreen. What is sunscreen and what are its positive and negat...read more

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Liren was pulled out of his head by Lily, who just so happened to be reading his thoughts. "Please don't do that anymore." Liren said voice full of aggression. "Some thoughts are better left private. So I'll only ask you once please don't go snooping around in my head whenever you want answers. If you have any questions than just ask them." Liren said visibly shaken up. "How much did you get out of my head anyway?" Liren asked hoping she didn't see too much of his thoughts.   Now Lucas was really confused. "Ummmm. Hi. My name is Lucas. I'm new here. Would somebody mind filling me in on what exactly is going on because I'm totally if not completely lost!" Godling said directing his comment to everyone hoping someone could answer his question for him. "All I know is Eros called a meeting because of what happened to Johnny Blaze but I'm wondering what happened to Blaze and why was it necessary for him to call a meeting for something like that." Lucas said more to himself than the others. He could tell they knew something he didn't.   "Well our fearless leader is trying to plan a suicide mission. Your first day as a member of this team and you get to die isn't that wonderful." Liren said allowing some of his bravado to seep back into his voice. "I personally think I can handle this on my own. I didn't need any of you to get involved with my affairs. This is a battle between Loric, between famil-..." Liren continued but trailed  off. "It doesn't concern humans, cazrians, mutants, Gods, Godlings, or demons." Liren said as he looked at everyone in the room. "I fight my own battles and I don't need any more blood on my hands or deaths on my conscious. You ask what this whole meeting thing is about? Well it's about my resignation from this team. As fun as this team stuff was, I work best when I'm alone." Liren continued almost like the old Liren would but deep down he was scared out of his mind but since he was going to die anyway he might as well try to go out swinging. "Now do me a favor. Don't get involved. I don't want nor do I need any of your help. You already have a huge target you, don't make the target anymore bigger." Liren said walking towards the door. He knew he stood no chance against Setrakus Ra on his own but still he had to try. He just hoped Lily could forgive him.
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Insomniac posted in Fantasy:
{It's currently lunch period, and everyone's just doing their own thing, going through class and stuff.}
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"Colors" wrote:Google.When I use Google : Sofastamigash.suchwow.omgomgomg.When I use Bing : Whut ish dis. How2UseBing.Dunno. XD
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