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Fresh Vid: Pharell's It Girl

Pharrell just dropped his brand new video for the single "It Girl," and it's more

New Couple Alert: Ariana Grande and Big Sean

Ariana Grande left the NBC Saturday Night Live after party holding hands with her more

Blended Blu-ray Review

Blended Blu-ray Review

Aug 26, 2014 Two families will have to survive their vacation when now that “Blended” has arrived onto Blu-ray + DVD! Read Kidzworld's review of the Blu-ray Combo more

Angry Birds: Unlock The Flock

Angry Birds: Unlock The Flock

Sep 29, 2014 Sony launched a site today – UNLOCKTHEFLOCK.COM in conjunction with ANGRY BIRDS. Get all the info on Kidzworld! more
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The Boxtrolls: Soundtrack Review

The Boxtrolls: Soundtrack Review

Sep 23, 2014 As one the most highly anticipated animated films of the season, we couldn't wait to hear the soundtrack for The Boxtrolls. The Boxtrolls soundtrack more

5 Seconds of Summer Bio

5 Seconds of Summer Bio

Aug 27, 2014 Aussie pop punk-rock band 5 Seconds of Summer are ready to climb up the charts. Find out more about 5 Seconds of Summer in their Kidzworld Bio! more

Jungle Master Exclusive Clip

Jungle Master Exclusive Clip

Sep 16, 2014 Watch an exclusive never before scene clip from Jungle Master on Kidzworld! more

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Name: Ruby Redfurt Age: 16 Gender: Female Looks:  Ruby has shoulder-length, dark-brown hair, which parts at the left side of her head and falls into side-swept bangs that hides a little of her right eye, always secured with a barrette. Her eyes are green, in which if you look close into, they seem to be ever-so-slightly fading into different shades. She tends to have glasses, but occasionally wears contact lenses. She is small for her years, with only very slight curves. Her skin is quite pale, her nose snub and her mouth quite plump and pink. Ruby's normal attire consists of a tshirt with a somewhat hostile word (like bozo), an interesting number (like 1729), or a less than agreeable statement (like Bored beyond belief) emblazoned on, with blue skinny jeans and black trainers with two yellow stripes either side.  Personality: First Impressions Ruby is confident and pushy, with a big attitude. She is consistent with rules and will always keep by the book. She sometimes snoops around when others don't want to, but it is a bad habit of hers. She is quite a big fan of puzzles and codes. Nice to meet you Ruby is mostly friendly towards others, sticking up for them in whatever situation possible. She is loyal to her friends, not disagreeing to help them unless she has something really important to do elsewhere. Unfortunate anger However, if you insult Ruby in any way possible, she will make sure to get you back. She will hate you if you do anything to hurt her friends in any way. Ability: Code-cracking Preferred Gadget: A rescue watch. This device looks like a simple orange watch with a fly motif, but is actually a high-tech gadget that has saved a few lives in its time. Some features include: a grappling hook, a pocket knife and many other functions that are undiscovered as of now. ​Other: N/A
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Lilly nodded and got off. She started to walk up the hill. Hunter walk beside her "Hi. Lilly "he said"What!"Lilly said
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steel101 posted in Pets:
rockey and sky and ben dogs
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Lilly sighed as she moved from her comfortable position, putting down her ice cream to set the movie up. She turned on the tv and dvd player, then put the dvd in. She sat back down, curled up and began eating her ice cream. 
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