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2016 Chinese Horoscopes

Kidzworld checks out the Chinese zodiac horoscopes for 2016!

Jan 25, 2016 It's just about Chinese New Year, and time for us to welcome the year of the monkey! What does your Chinese zodiac horoscope say is coming up for you?...read more

All About February

Kidzworld learns all about the month of February!

Feb 01, 2016 February is here, and those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are delighted that spring is finally within sight! Get ready to learn all about the fine ...read more

Winter Fun Facts

Kidzworld learns some fun facts about winter!

Jan 09, 2016 There are a lot of fun facts about winter that you might not know about; there's so much to learn about winter temperatures, animals, and plants! Lear...read more

Top 10 Valentine's Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Top 10 Valentine's Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Feb 01, 2016 If you have a special someone or you’re a secret admirer, Valentine’s Day means a chance to prove your love. Show your cutie you care with a gift that...read more

All About Seasonal Affective Disorder

Kidzworld can help you learn more about Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Nov 30, 2015 Most of us feel a little more tired than usual during the winter months, but if you're feeling depressed and low energy for more than a few days at a ...read more

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Feb 03, 2016 Legend has it Valentine was an Italian bishop who lived about the same time as the priest Valentine. He was imprisoned because he secretly married cou...read more

All About Ice Skating

Learn all about ice skating with Kidzworld!

Dec 10, 2015 Ice skating is a super fun way to get some exercise during the winter! There's a lot to learn about your newest favorite activity, though! Learn All A...read more

Are School Hours too Long?

Kidzworld learns about the pros and cons of the 5-day school week.

There's been a lot of talk over the last few years about whether a change in school hours could benefit students' learning and general happiness. What...read more

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musicgenuis12 posted in Fantasy:
"Tina_Talie" wrote:((Ok)) Name: Miranda HeartsNickname: MiraAge: 17Gender: femaleSexuality: straightNationality: Wonderlandian...?Parent: Red QueenBirthday: October 13Zodiac Sign:Time of Birth: 9:00 pmBirthplace: General Appearance:Hair Color: Black, red and white stripes dyed inHairstyle: wavy, pulled up in a heart-shaped bun, with the excess hanging down her backEye Color: Dark blueSkin Color: Pale whiteBuild: petite, curved Height: 5'0"Weight: 103 lbsNotable Marks/Modifications: she tends to have little hearts painted on the right side of her facePosture: Confident, tallLeft/Right Handed?: bothUnique Gestures?: She tends to wave her arms around in random movements that rarely match what she's saying.Walk Style: Short strides, confidentVoice: slightly high pitched, loudLaugh: Usually a small giggle but occasionally she completely bursts and is rolling around laughing madly.Smile: small and sweet, only a few teeth visibleClothing- Everyday: Red, black, white, and gold dress. It reaches her knees and is a mixture of designs that compliment each other, it has poofy white shirt sleeves. She wears tall black boots with gold accents, short white, laced gloves.Clothing- Formal: A dress with a plain black top and large, extremely poofu red and white checkered skirt. To match the plain short-sleeved top, she wears a nice golden necklace. She usually wears long elbow-length white gloves.Clothing- Sleep: An amazingly simple red nightgown with white lace trimming and black fluffy slippers.Clothing- Party: Similar to formal, but her outfit is better for part games, more accommodating, the mixture of colors is a little switched up as well. The top is red and the bottom is a gold and black checkered pattern.Any Makeup?: the hearts she paints on the right side of her face. Red lipstick she usually wears. And occasionally some red or white eyeliner.Any Accessories?: A golden beaded piece wrapped around the heart-shaped bun. Usually a matching necklace and bracelet.Personality: She's a bit... Strange. Her thought process hardly makes sense to anyone and is a bit mixed up, but it always works out in the end. She is much like her eccentric subjects and understands them amazingly well, this makes her a loved ruler. Though she's like this, people occasionally challenge her because of her strange way of thinking. And it's true, she's a but absent minded, but when she's good, she's good. Way of Talking: 'Wonderlandiful!'  'Topsy Turvy Curvy Loopy Lopsided Diddly Dum!'    And other such saying that make no sense but for people in her kingdom. She also yells, 'Off with your head!' But it's become more of a joke, she never actually goes through with it, it's just a sign she's upset.Humor: Usually the way 'normal' people do things. She's a bit... Eccentric and finds the simplest of things funny in ways only she understands.Likes: -Books-Talking-Music-Laughing-Tea-BiscutsDislikes: -Being bored-Being mad-Being insulted-Someone insulting her subjects  Hobbies: -Debating-Reading-Listening to music-TalkingTalented At: -Debating-Understanding others Good At: -Singing-DrawingBad At: -Making sense of 'normal' things-Meeting new people (without scaring or surprising them)Terrible At: -Explaining her thoughtsPowers: None, unless you count the typical Wonderland strange abilities to do 'impossible' things.Weapons: None History: ((WIP))Family: Mother-Red Queen-In WonderlandFather-King (though really, the red queen is in charge)-In WonderlandFriends: -White Hare-Mad Hatter-March HareTBCEnemies: TBCCrush?: None yetBoyfriend/Girlfriend?: noneDream[s]: -To keep her kingdom in peace with the other kingdoms and not get involved in wars. -To become a cat (Probably never going to happen)Fear[s]: -Snakes-Forks (don't ask) Code: R o y a l sOther Info: Anything else you need? [The age for the Descendant of the Red Queen is Nineteen not Seventeen, but you're accepted. @Black_Rose_19: I forgot to add in the rules , you can only have one of the Descendants. Sorry.]
reply 37 minutes
KingShawn13 posted in General:
 "Knowing Your fate is one thing. Accepting it is another." - Frey - Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard
reply 44 minutes
KingShawn13 posted in General:
Worth Dying For by Rise Against. Oh the irony.
reply about 1 hour
GenesisVolta posted in General:
"The face of my son..." - Han solo
reply about 2 hours
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