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Billboard magazine: 5 Seconds of Summer

ICYMI Aussie hotties 5 Seconds of Summer are on the cover of the August edition of more

Bea Miller Covers Sam Smith

You might remember Bea Miller from her stint as an X Factor contestant, but being more

If I Stay Movie Review

If I Stay Movie Review

Aug 25, 2014 Kidzworld was all weepy for the film adaptation of the popular YA novel “If I Stay”. Check out our movie review of the Chloë Grace Moretz sad more

Dolphin Tale 2: Exclusive Game Clean Up on Aisle Rufus!

Dolphin Tale 2: Exclusive Rufus Game!

Aug 05, 2014 Play the Clean Up on Aisle Rufus Game from Dolphin Tale 2 exclusively on Kidzworld! more

Muppets Most Wanted Blu-ray Review

Muppets Most Wanted Blu-ray Review

Aug 13, 2014 The Muppets are back in the globe-trotting, star-studded musical comedy adventure Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted,” now available on Blu-ray + DVD! more

Kidzworld Kitchen: Healthy Lunch Ideas

Kidzworld Kitchen: Healthy Lunch Ideas

Aug 21, 2014 Time to get out your backpack and choose your outfit for the first day because school is back in session! Check out Kidzworld's kitchen for healthy more

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(changed my Profile pic to a pic of my OC for this game.) James climbed ut of the manhole, and walked through the alleyways.
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Dark brown hair flew wildly with the harsh wind, the dark strands whipping against the ivory skin of Adrienne Carmichael as she ran through the dark forest. Moonlight could barely break through the thick leaves of the tall trees, the hovering fog making it even more difficult for her to see. Her bare feet pounded against the ground, her once perfect skin now dirty with mud, bloody cuts and dark bruises prevalent. Even with pain shooting in her body, Adrienne couldn't stop... she needed to escape the hunters.  After what seemed an eternity in the woods, she finally broke free -- but the hunters were still behind her. Adrienne abruptly stopped in her tracks, only a few feet away from a cliff, the sound of large waves crashing against the cliff's wall. "There's no going back, mutt," A gruff voice yelled from behind her. Adrienne turned around, her heart beating quickly in her chest. A group of six men with all sorts of weapons stood still, their bodies tense. They were oddly calm, their hearts pacing normally. She began to cry, putting her muddied hands against her face. "Please, just leave me alone!" She screamed at them, but they simply stood there. Suddenly, an arrow pierced through her stomach, the force strong enough to make her stumble backwards. Adrienne fell from the cliff without a scream, and then hit her head against the cliff's wall before crashing into the cold waters of the ocean. Her vision became double, the last thing she saw was the moonlight glaring into the water, her blood tinting the silver glow a dark red. Death then took hold of her.
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Zendaya shake her bracelet for some good luck"Okay.. I'm ready"she said softly"Almost"she said in her mind
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james rolled his eyes. "Alright, lets go blast some reds."
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Best Thing About Going Back to School?

  • Buying new back-to-school clothes.
  • Seeing all my friends again.
  • The thrill of doing homework again.
  • There's nothing good about going back to school.