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Justin Bieber: Crash and Arrest

Instead of just relaxing this long weekend, Justin Bieber was arrested for dangerous more

Billboard magazine: 5 Seconds of Summer

ICYMI Aussie hotties 5 Seconds of Summer are on the cover of the August edition of more

The Boxtrolls Official Trailer

The Boxtrolls Official Trailer

Aug 28, 2014 Get square with the highly anticipated official trailer for LAIKA and Focus Features' family-friendly stop-motion animated film THE BOXTROLLS. Watch more

TURTLE POWER: Exclusive Images

TURTLE POWER: Exclusive Images

Aug 12, 2014 Check out these Exclusive Images from the 80's Cartoon in TURTLE POWER: The Definitive History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Kidzworld! more

Into The Storm Movie Review

Into The Storm Movie Review

Aug 08, 2014 Get blown away with Kidzworld’s review of the new natural disaster film Into the Storm! more

Sam Smith Bio

Sam Smith Bio

Jun 23, 2014 UK Crooner Sam Smith is a fan favorite in Britain and made his voice heard as a guest vocalist on Disclosure's breakthrough single "Latch" and more

Divergent Blu-ray Review

Divergent Blu-ray Review

Aug 06, 2014 For fans of the novel or newbies, the Blu-ray and DVD version of “Divergent” is out. Should you add the sci-fi actioner to your collection? Check more

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(Thanks, and sure.) Unikitty grinned, jumping and landing on her left foot neatly. She ran into the cafeteria, happily.
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Su hoja está bien. :3 Name: Aster Evanson Age: 23 Gender: Female Species: Human Personality: Aster isn't the kind of girl who would want to speak with a large audience, she has been diagnosed with Glossophobia. She's soft spoken and shy, and is easily startled. In the small town where she lived, Aster was known as 'The Doe of Aberdeen'. Even though she appears to be a very sensitive person, Aster is known to be strong willed and stubborn around people she trusts. She is usually quick to make decisions, though she can be slowed down with conflict.  History: Aster was born in the town of Aberdeen to John and Angela Evanson. She is an only child, so she was very spoiled as a child. At the young age of six, Aster was taught how to play the violin and dance ballet. When she turned eight, Aster and her family moved to a larger city, and she remained there for majority of her life. Then only two months after her twentieth birthday, Aster's parents died in a violent car accident. She became depressed nearly a year, and then decided to move back to Aberdeen. Appearance: She has medium copper brown hair that reaches just three inches above her waist, and is naturally smooth and straight. Her skin is fair in color with few very faint freckles splattered on her cheeks. Her eyes are a dark russet brown with specks of forest green and she has long eyelashes. Aster is at the average height of 5'8. Other: Aster knows how to dance ballet and play the violin like a pro.
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brunostar posted in Say Anything:
"lonnie123" wrote:Sick and tired my throat   :mad lol
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(You may. What about it being lunch now, the rest of the classes after?)  Bilis and Billia logged off their computers and  walked out of class. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arthur smiled as he heard the bell ring. After this next part  of his schedule he would be , finally in  his elective.
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Best Thing About Going Back to School?

  • Buying new back-to-school clothes.
  • Seeing all my friends again.
  • The thrill of doing homework again.
  • There's nothing good about going back to school.