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Gossip Girl is one of the hottest TV shows of the season - and so is their fashion. These girls know how to make school uniforms look cool, so find out how to get their look! Back to Article

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Whose Style Do You Like the Best?

  • Serena van der Woodsen.
  • Blair Waldorf.
  • Jenny Humphrey.
  • All of 'em look great!

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Dear Dish-It in the forums

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kimywuvsyou posted in Style:
a roman braid ^·^
reply about 8 hours
Me and my friend were at the swimming pool when she decided to show off to people her swimming moves where she rolled over underwater and then leaped above the water revealing her torso. What she did realise until a few seconds later was that her bikini had come undone and her bijiggilys were there for all to see... So embarrassing for her in fact we haven't been swimming since
reply about 10 hours
UK size 6 for most clothes. That's a US size 2. 
reply about 16 hours
Unfortunately jean sizes are not consistent, and a 4 in one store could be a 6 in another. So for jeans I'm usually a 2, sometimes a 4 or 0 depending on the store. And I'm a small (adult) in shirts. These are USA sizes.
reply about 16 hours