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Playing Microsoft's Age of Empires lets you run a village, farm a field, start a war or even build one of the wonders of the world. Do it all for free with our Download of the Week. Back to Article

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nang201 wrote:
2013-09-09 17:33:56 -0700

I Love this game

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What Would Do If You Ruled An Empire?

  • Free burgers for everyone!
  • *NSYNC concerts every night!
  • Make Britney Spears my teacher.
  • Bully's get tarred, feathered and shot out of a cannon.

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I mean if you think about it, the majority of Minecaft is building buildings. So if any one says to you '' kids aren't as creative as we were as kids'' just mention Minecraft then they'l quite down.
reply 8 minutes
thank you
reply about 5 hours
my mii:p 
reply about 5 hours
Yes, you will. Unless they also upgrade. 
reply about 5 hours
i'm kinda new on minecraft and i dont know if i cant ever get back onto those servers, i've only played in 1.7.10
reply about 5 hours